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The Marder


The Marder are a Manchester band, in that they were brought up in a city with a rich musical heritage, and have audible roots in bands such as Joy Division and The Smiths, but in the 20 or so years since then a lot has happened in music, its in these things that The Marder also take their influence


“Manchester is not dead, this is The Marder”

The Marder, a three-piece band, have been playing live and recording in and around Manchester for about 18 months. Consisting of lead vocalist / guitar player and chief songwriter Benjamin Ward, bass player Marten Hurley and drummer Adam Dawson, the band have performed at renowned venues such as Oldham Castle, Night and Day Café and The Roadhouse (supporting The Sugars and Wild Beasts on these occasions).

The bands performances have not gone unnoticed with local music journalists writing rave reviews. Manuel Ecostas, following the Oldham Castle gig on 28th June 2007, wrote in Manchester Music,

“Their bleak twangy tones are suitably informed by a remote obsession with early Factory singles, The Chameleons, the progressive rumblings of latter day bands such as Foals and George Orwell…The end result is a jerky, very clever twist of timings that makes Interpol sound as smooth as Bobby Brown, but it's the voice, stolen from the Postcard Records era of Orange Juice and Josef K that provides the final, convincing, musical wrench. Superb stuff from a band we'll no doubt be hearing a lot more from."

With the band making an impact upon the local live circuit they made their first radio appearance on Anthony Wilson’s Sunday Roast show on XFM Manchester when he played ‘If The West Apologised To The East’. The late legend would comment before playing the track "Manchester is not dead, this is The Marder". Clint Boon is also a fan of the bands music with them making a live appearance on his XFM Manchester show in June 2007 playing three tracks, ‘Hit for no Reason', 'If the West Apologised To The East’' and 'Fvorty mph'. These recordings and two earlier studio recordings are available via streaming from and respectively. Further studio recordings are available from the bands much visited MySpace web page (

On the back of these live performances and the appearances on radio the bands popularity is growing. A recent support slot with Wild Beasts at The Roadhouse in Manchester highlights this. With a growing fan base, peer accolades and word-of-mouth spreading the news, The Marder are very much a band that should be paid attention to.

"Perestroika!" shouts a voice from the back of the room. A request for a song, possibly, or just a random statement? In the dark and twisted netherworld of The Marder it could easily be either or both of these."
Cath Aubergine.

Written for the page by Christopher J Thorneycroft


Our Live Session recorded in June 07 on Clint Boons XFM show is available via streaming from, we played 3 songs : 'Hit for no Reason', 'If the West...' and 'Fvorty mph'.

XFM Uploaded also has a couple of our early recordings 'I'm Perestroika' and 'If the West...' available to listen online -

Set List

Our setlist usually consists 6 of our songs, generally lasting around 30 minutes.