The Mark Bennett Band

The Mark Bennett Band

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In light of the necessity to label music, is it still possible, without the aid of elaborate visual and sound effects, armed only with a voice, a guitar, and a passion to entertain to captivate an audience… The answer is yes! Mark Bennett!


It was a chance meeting in 2005 between an Irish singer and a German bass player that turned out to be so important. For that was the seemingly unspectacular beginning of the “Mark Bennett Band”, who are now presenting their debut album “Sitting with the Castaways“ and single “I Love You“.

Far away from any constraints, Mark Bennett and Martin Bauer tell stories, sketches and thoughts from their everyday lives. To help them do this, they have enlisted the help of musicians and companions such as Michael Klaukien (A-ha, Neuser), Michael Poelchau (Five Alive ‘O), Matthias Keul (BAP, Wolfgang Niedecken) and Tomek Rz¹d (Kowalski). The resulting music is eclectic, but always listenable. Mark Bennett’s Irish roots can be heard alongside influences from the world of pop and rock. Country music and the singer-songwriter also find their place in the acoustic crossover. The end result reminds us of bands such as Hootie and the Blowfish, Counting Crows or Keith Urban, without losing the individuality of the Mark Bennett Band.


Sitting With the Castaways - Album (June 2006)
I Love You - Single (October 2006) Airplay on numerous German mainstream and smaller radio stations. Playlisted by WDR2