the"Mark Elmer Band"

the"Mark Elmer Band"


4 players in the prime of their experience and knowledge, come together from diverse backgrounds to perform the music of PMA awarded singer songwriter Mark Elmer. Blending americana/acoustic rock storytelling with soulful south american influenced guitar styling of Mr. Jesse White, like no other!


Less than 9 months ago Mark Elmer and Jesse white met for the first time in person,Via an open mic in Gladstone oregon. Hearing what they could each do on their own, fueled them to form this blending of styles and music, that one moment makes you want to dance and sing along with all the joy of life. The next moment you are grabbing the hand of your partner and holding on tight while you fight back the tears.
Back up twenty years and you would have found a very young Mark Elmer fronting a rock band here in portland called "Stepmother". Their 4 song EP made it on the nation wide playlist of Z-rock radio station out of Dallas TX. Mark's songwriting efforts to this project won them awards from the Portland Music Association two years in a row ('91 and '92) in the "rock" songwriter category.
Right about that time Jesse White was a young kid growing up in Brazil and various other countries in South America, soaking up the music and rhythms of his location until they were ingrained. at the same time studying the music of blues greats like "Lead belly", Freddie King,Tom Waits and muddy waters to name a few. With that blending of latin and blues, overlay the storytelling and roots rock/americana rhythms, you get a blending of styles like no other.
Providing the beats is a well seasoned drummer of R&B band "Return flight" named John Parman. Rounding out the rhythm section and adding harmony vocals is Rex Baker a well known bassist and session player from right here in Portland.
This combination of styles only could have come together at an open mic! where players from all backgrounds are there to show what they can do, and then they are many times thrown together at the end of the night to jam a song that they all have in common. This was the seedbed of the "Mark Elmer Band" with a mixture of so many styles, the outcome is like no other! and it personifies the eclectic musical pallet of Portland.


All or Nothin

Written By: Mark Elmer

I stopped foolin me,
nobody's bringin' me my cup of tea
nobody's handin' my dreams to me
and what will be will fo' surely be
you take that crystal ball, I'll take reality.

cause I work hard and I sweat, and my dues still aint paid yet
and my bills are piling up under my chin
and I cast my eyes around me, at the fools who reap the bounty
and never think twice of what they put in
I got this sinking feeling, thats just what its all about
sign me up or sign me out, its all or nothin (4x)
spoken word section-
so stop blowin smoke, you got a good job but your lifes a joke
still seeing that shrink from that run with dope
got champagne taste but your wallets broke
I'll take that crystal ball, and watch you learn to cope

I'd rather work hard and sweat, and lets see how far I get
and my dreams are driving closer every day
and I cast my eyes about me and my lifes a perfect party
and my dreams fell short of where I am today
I got this beautiful feeling, thats just what its all about,
sign me up or sign me out (4x)


1)"Mark Elmer" -5 song EP released 2011
Produced by Patrick Strole and Mark Elmer in Patricks independent studio in Seattle Wa
self Dist. and streaming audio

2)"Braxton Bragg" released 2008
Produced by Kevin Hahn and Braxton Bragg
recorded at Opal studios, Portland Or
dist. by CDbaby

3)"stepmother" album 1992 "Dos Cannons"
Produced by John Lindal at Fresh Tracks Portland Or.
self distributed in the NW

4) "Stepmother" 1990 Debut EP "no wimps allowed"
Produced by John Lindal at Fresh Tracks Portland Or.
Dist. by Azra records Hollywood Ca.
*Nationwide airplay (not at the Milw. sattelite station)
on Z-rock radio Dallas TX... climbed to #38 on thier top 50 countdown (1990)