The Market Fever

The Market Fever


Perfectly Crafted Pop Songs with a CanRock Flare. Energetic and Catchy.


Musical formulas are one way of going about describing the chemistry of a band, however, that won’t sit quite right in fully illustrating this musical tsunami that is storming up fast. There’s a new wave of sound rolling on us quick, and these guys are sailing right on top, “The Market Fever”. Creating the fever is vocalist and guitar; Mike MacGowan, aswell as vocalist and guitar; Conor Whitehead. Venturing and learning for years inside the heart of the music scene, The Market Fever has now put a vice with their minds around what they feel is their true tool of expression; rock! However, no fixed formulas bound or limit their creations; TMF sculpts with whatever the track requires. Whether it be simple or complex, The Market Fever feeds off influences from a whole spectrum of sound, capturing the feel of numerous genres. The Market Fever is a team of creative mind that captures the thrown of bright fresh melody that is surely enough to conclude one thing, one dose of TMF and you’ll catch the fever!


"You Only Hear What You Want" 2008 EP

Set List

Set Time 25 Mins.