theMark is a high energy experimental rock band from Boston, MA who has been igniting the local underground scene for the past 4 years...


theMark are a difficult entity to describe. Known for their raw and chaotic live performances and original music, the Boston quintet has swept across the east coast and the internet, leaving fans and new friends in their wake.

Combining a rock sound, a punk attitude, and an experimental approach to songwriting, theMark has found it difficult to place their sound within any one genre and have heard comparisons across the musical spectrum. “People hear everything from The Police to the Foo Fighters to Tool to At the Drive-In to Thursday in us” explains guitarist Alec Eiffel. Their first full length album The Catastrophist, independently funded and released in May 2004, was widely praised for its intertwining guitar lines, incredible dancing bass, unique vocal style and memorable drum beats. Highlighted by poignant lyrics, infectious riffs, and catchy choruses, theMark thrilled listeners with their manic energy and musical proficiency as well as an intense dedication to each and every fan, eventually selling out all 500 copies of the record.

In the beginning the group came together from states across the country—New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Minnesota, and Hawaii—forming in 2002 as the five aligned in Boston, MA and began to create their signature sound with the release of their first CD/EP. Playing everywhere from basements to colleges to some of the most prestigious rock clubs in the region (such as The Middle East, TT the Bears, and The Paradise in Boston and The Knitting Factory and The Continental in NYC, etc), theMark have spread their music persistently and with great success in MA, NH, NY, ME, CT, RI, VT, NJ, and PA. They have also shared the stage with national acts like The Roots, Less Than Jake, New Found Glory, The Receiving End of Sirens, Lux Courageous, Quietdrive, Downtown Singapore and many others. In 2005, theMark won round after round of the prestigious Emergenza international music festival to rock the national finals at a sold out show at 2000 capacity Avalon Ballroom.

With the release of their brand new CD/EP Blackouts of Whitecaps in 2006, theMark have taken their unique sound to an all new level. Meticulously recorded and produced at the warehoused Magpie Sound Design in Dorchester , MA , listeners will be pleased to hear theMark’s most original piece of musical work to date.

2006 is the year of theMark.


CD/EP - Blackouts of Whitecaps - 2006
01. jekyll walks
02. -
03. canto 12
04. defect & descend
05. compass points
06. -
07. sapphire
recorded at Magpie Sound Design in Dorchester, MA
mastered at Peerless Mastering

CD/LP - The Catastrophist - 2004
01. identity theft
02. glacier
03. come right in
04. faith in flight
05. coffee stains & cigarette blisters
06. trains
07. reprise
08. the catastrophist
09. cliffside
10. someone else's dream
11. cluster bombs
recorded at Magpie Sound Design in Dorchester, MA
mastered at Peerless Mastering

CD/EP - ep1 - 2003
01. coming my way
02. a winter's day
03. speed things up
04. cliffside
recorded at Todd Hobin Studio B in Syracuse, NY