The Markov Chain

The Markov Chain


Non- consensual Viking Rock and Ruckus... and then we cook you soup afterwards. Basically rock as we like it, we just want to get some kicks and give the kiddies something to move to.


The Markov Chain got its start out of a couple of local bands that were familiar with a very localized circuit. Stephen DeWitt and Michael Battito had been in bands together (with Stephen on Drums) for a couple of years and finally decided to switch around and try to put something of their own together. The rhythm section of Mssrs. Bramlet and Johnson was recruited and the band now known as The Markov Chain was formed in early Winter 2006.

By 2007 the Markov Chain had a few original songs and a hodge-podge of gigs under their collective belts. The band went on a sort of hiatus over that summer but returned in Autumn 2007 to the local scene, picking up gigs and branching out further whilst writing new material and learning as many covers as possible. The Chain was getting tight and gaining notoriety, establishing a devoted and, at times, rabid fan-base.

The Markov Chain believes in the rock show as experience. We don't believe we will necessarily start any kind of revolution nor do we aspire to incite people politically. The Markov Chain wants everyone in that concert hall to feel as good as we do when we play.

The Chain's major influences lie with bands like The Doors, David Bowie, Iggy and the Stooges, The Beatles, Man Man, The Shins, The Rolling Stones (pre-1976), Pink Floyd, Leon Russell, The New York Dolls and anything else that incorporates solid songwriting with a bit of rule-bending.

The Markov Chain is ambitious, hell-bent on constantly improving itself and ultimately progressive, and that is what makes us pretty damn good.


We have not released anything with any kind of officiality, although we are working on setting up recording time for a demo.

We do have a myspace, and that doesn't make us very special.

Set List

We usually like to play semi-short rock sets ranging from 25-45 minutes although we may play for up to an hour and a half if so requested. We have about seven originals that get live play and we can recall as many as twenty covers that we have played within the last six months. The covers include:

-Helter Skelter- The Beatles
-Stranded in the Jungle -The New York Dolls
-Dig A Pony - The Beatles
-Do the Watusi - The Cat (Thai Beat A-GO-GO)
-Tick, Tick, Boom! - The Hives
-Abra Cadaver - The Hives
-Sgt. Peppers - The Beatles
-Jumpin Jack Flash- The Rolling Stones
-Golden Years- David Bowie
-Rock Lobster- The B52's
many more.