The Mark Sexton Band

The Mark Sexton Band


A unique mix of Rock/Soul/Reggae/Jazz


Hard-hitting rhythms, melodic grooves and soulful vocals are key elements in what separate The Mark Sexton Band from other groups. Their latest release with “Multiformity” in early 2008 marked the turning point for this band, seeing huge success locally and regionally. The recent "Multiformity Summer Tour" spoke volumes about the bands musicianship and dedication to spreading their music and message throughout the West-coast. The success and positivity from their first tour saliently rubbed off on all who witnessed the bands performances letting the music truly speak for itself. Seeing albums fly at every show has more than confirmed the future for this funky ALL-acoustic reggae rock band. “No off-nights” is the motto that these guys hold true at every show. Singer/Guitarist/Songwriter Mark Sexton, Bassist Alex Korostinsky, Saxophonist Ryan Parrish and Drummer Dan Weiss have an absolute love for performing and making music together. This quality is apparent at every show making each and every performance better than the last. This love for creating music started in 2005 and since then Mark and the band have become passionate. The album “Multiformity” gets its name from the melting pot of musical styles that make up the disc’s contents. “We blended reggae, bossa-nova, funk, pop, jazz and hints of world-beat all together in a musical blender and out came this awesome album!” says Alex who also co-produced the new release. Getting ready to hit the road big-time, the band is churning out new material showcasing the soulful songwriting, smooth guitar tones and vocals of Mark, thumping bass grooves by Alex, crystal clear drum rhythms courtesy of Dan, and unique improvisation of Ryan. With spectacular live performances, The Mark Sexton Band is driving full-force making a name for themselves on the West Coast.


Once This Year LP - 2005
Multiformity LP - 2008
Radio Airplay with Multiformity
on KRZQ-Fm
Featured Artist Sirius radio 101
Featured on Samplers distributed to over 500 radio nationwide.

Set List

A typical 90 minute set includes-
A Lot More To Me
Hold On
Outside World
Once A Year
Things Change
Be Yourself
Can't Ignore
Gyptian Medley (cover)
Even Though
Used To Do

The Mark Sexton Band can more than double the length of a set with dub jams, covers, and improvisation.