The Mark Stinger Band

The Mark Stinger Band


We are a blues/jam band with a mix of funk and soul. We offer new and fresh approaches to the music we cover as well as a great offering of original music. Our influences come from many genres of music so that none of us are rooted in only one style, making for a diverse and interesting band.


The Mark Stinger Band is comprised of musicians from all genres that mix their talents together to come up with a unique take on blues and a mix of soul and funk that makes them a great live band.

Mark Stinger has been involved in the music industry for years, deeply rooted in blues, he is an accomplished front man who keeps the audience on their toes.

Frank Green is a soul and gospel based keyboard player who adds a unique feel to the blues played by the band. His vocals help to add a bit of diversity to the basic blues style bands, being that he offers solid backing vocals as well as the soulful voice that gives the band it's gritty flavor.

Bryan Schoell is an upcoming guitarrist who gives the band it's blues tone and feel. He is a blues based guitarrist who has dabbled in classic rock, but always finds himself coming back to the blues. Add in his vocal talents to the mix, and The Mark Stinger Band has a solid vocal mix to tackle all kinds of music.

Stevie K is an extremely talented bass player who has played in a wide variety of band, from blues to rock to funk. It's his funk background that, combined with the drummer, makes for the solid and funky rhythm section that really defines the band. Add in his backing vocals, and the band has a lot of weapons for tackling some great vocal arrangements.

Finally, we have Dreem, who is the backbeat of the band. His strong drum lines and sense of timing really adds flavor to the blues like no one else can. His vocals are amazing, especially for a drummer, and adds great flexibility in harmony. It's really his and Franks vocals, that is most identified with as the background of the band.

The band has played numerous events, especially many large nationally sponsored events. They have been playing The Race For The Cure held outside the Art Musuem for years now, as well as adding the Philadelphia Pro Bicycle Tour in 2007 for the Manayunk Race. They even have played in support of our troops, most recently at Fort Dixs in New Jersey, for a motorcycle rally to raise funds for families of veterans and current troops overseas.


Still Cookin', released in 2008 is the first studio project for the band, currently available for listen on all the bands web sites, including their myspace sites.

Set List

The band usually plays three sets of about 50 minutes each. They play a mix of covers and originals. The covers usually span a broad range of artists from The Allman Brothers Band, Lynyrd Skynyrd, B.B. King, Etta James, Albert Collins, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton, The Blues Brothers, Robert Johnson and more. There is no typical set of songs, being that the band likes to keep their sets fresh from gig to gig.

Some of the songs that get regular play are:
One Way Out, Crossroads, Statesboro Blues, I Ain't Drunk (I'm Just Drinking), Caldonia, Hey Bartender, Midnight Special, Pride and Joy, Any Way You Want, How Blue Can You Get, Some Kind Of Wonderful, Red House, Voodoo Chile, Dock Of The Bay, and Let The Good Times Roll.