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Markus Fox



Markus Fox is from the state of Alabama, and proudly calls I-65 his hometown. He grew up living on the gulf coast in Mobile, Alabama and in the pines of Elmore County, Alabama. When Markus was 8 years old, he asked for a guitar for Christmas. His father told him that he wouldn't play it for more than a month, but Markus got his guitar that year. This is the one time his dad was happy to be wrong. Markus continued to play that guitar, and has always had the desire to make people happy through the playing and singing of his music.

When Markus graduated from Theodore High School outside of Mobile, Alabama, he left to attend Troy University. It was there Markus realized it was time to do something different and meaningful with his life. Having seen three generations of United States Marine Corp ahead of him, he walked into a recruiter's office and decided to dedicate the next four years of his life to serving his country as a United States Marine. Markus saw his first tour of duty in Iraq when he was 19 years old, followed by a second tour of duty in Afghanistan when he was 21 years old. While serving his country, he continued to play and write his music, finding and providing a safe place within its chords. Seeing brothers make the ultimate sacrifice is what led Markus to write one of his most well-known songs, "Sacrifices." It is enjoyed by many as a great tribute to those that didn't come home. Markus now dedicates his voice to not just music, but to the causes of Veterans. “If you see a Veteran out, it doesn’t matter where, take a second to thank them. You’ll never know what it means to them,” Markus explains in a recent interview with ABC 33/40. He goes on to say, “Hire a veteran. They have more experience than anyone you will interview.”

Markus finished his time in service as a U.S. Marine in November of 2011, and in turn moved back to his home in Elmore County, Alabama. It is within those pine trees that he finds happiness in bonfires, muddy boots and a few beers with good friends. He is currently seeking to fulfill that life-long dream of sharing his music with as many people as possible. Markus has played throughout Nashville and the South. He continues to write great songs and play dynamic shows and looks forward to meeting you soon!

Set List

(No specific order)

Barefoot Bluejean Night
By My Side**
Chicken Fried
Country Man
Dirt Road Anthem
Dirt Road Memory**
Dixieland Delight
Double-Wide Dream
Family Tradition
Folsom Prison Blues
Forever Young
Friends in Low Places
Gimme That Girl
Good Directions
Guitar Slinger
If I Could Do It Again
If You Ain’t Here To Party
I’m Yours
In Color
The Joker
Kiss My Country Ass
Knee Deep
Last Dance with Mary Jane
Leaving Birmingham
The Lord Loves a Drinkin Man
Louisiana Saturday Night
Maybe Next Year
Oklahoma Breakdown
Ole Red
Sweet Home Alabama
Take a Back Road
That Aint My Truck
The Wind**
This Life
Train To Birmingham
Wagon Wheel
What Happened
Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound
White Trash Story
You Never Even Call Me By My Name

**denotes original or previously non-recorded music