The Marquis'

The Marquis'

 Winnipeg, Manitoba, CAN

The Marquis' are a group of young lads from the Winnipeg region. They play a wholesome mix of Prairie Folk, Rock, Bluegrass, and Country. The tunes you want to hear when you're under the stars or driving the highways.


Whether singing about Falcon Lake, Rainbow Falls, or Stony Mountain Penitentiary, the Marquis' music takes the listener on a journey through the relaxing, friendly province of Manitoba. The music they produce is a delightful mix of vocal harmonies, soaring lead guitar lines, and brush sticked drums that appeal to people of all ages. One fan has described their music as, "a wholesome mix of relaxing and upbeat music, the tunes you want to hear when you're under the stars or driving the highways". No other bands combine a sound that touches on folk, rock, bluegrass, and country in the way the Marquis' do it.

The Marquis' songwriting duo (Kevin Kratsch and Kyle Bridges) have been creating songs since 2005. There music has progressed from being played at bonfires, to open mic nights, to organized concerts. The band has over 30 originals and a meticulously selected array of cover songs that fit their style like a pair of broken in jeans. They have found a passion for songwriting to escape the everyday hustle of university life. This is evident in the lyrics and sound of the quintet. Since the formation of the band in January of 2007, the Marquis' have performed at numerous venues around the city of Winnipeg and collaborated with many local artists. More recently they have added fiddler extraordinaire, Murray Jowett of Banshee's Wail to help fill out the sound in many songs.

The future of the band looks very promising. With a 6 song EP under their belts it is now time to supply the audience with a product to take home. The band intends to head back to the studio to complete a full length album in the upcoming year.

The Marquis' add a raw Manitoba flavour to the music industry. They convey messages of takin' it easy, keepin' on, and cruising down life's dusty roads. The natural talent they possess is very promising to the future. Given the right circumstances there is no telling how far they will go.


"Meet Me at the Mountain" EP