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London, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | INDIE

London, Ontario, Canada | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2010
Duo Folk Pop




"99.3 FM Radio Review"

Clean, true and great blended harmonies with interesting song lyrics combine to make music I know we can play on our community radio station. - Vina Moses, QCCR DJ 99.3 FM, Nova Scotia

"The Free Press Top 10 of 2013"

#2 The Marrieds

A real-life married couple’s celebration of true and joyful romance, Forest City-style, Saving Hope is pop enough to start with the co-written Come To Bed (sexy!) and political enough to have a teachers’ rights anthem alongside praise of the CBC. Singer-pianist-uke ace Jane Carmichael wrote most of the songs, ranging from the chin-up title track to the sweetly romantic This Town, which rhymes calamine and sunshine. Guitar hero and singer Kevin Kennedy co-wrote Come To Bed and adds rock to the mix. Ebbing and flowing as needed, a string quartet adds chamber music to the pop and rootsy excellence of Carmichael, Kennedy and their friends. - The London Free Press

"'Everything happens for a reason' - The Marrieds find inspiration in an act of kindness"

The theft of Kevin Kennedy's signature Dave Navarro acoustic marked a nasty, bitter time for the London, Ont., musician. That is, until the Jane's Addiction guitarist personally replaced it.
"It went from a really dark time to a super incredible moment," said Kennedy, half of The Marrieds, the country/folk band he shares with wife, Jane Carmichael.
The white acoustic was yanked from a venue in the couple's hometown following a gig in October. Navarro apparently read a post on twitter about the theft and shipped Kennedy a new signature Epiphone acoustic the next day.
"It says Jane on the headstock, and that's my name. So now, Kevin's guitar is named Jane," Carmichael said. Added Kennedy, "It was so overwhelming at the time, it didn't seem real."
The band hits Moncton this week for the only New Brunswick show of its current Canadian summer tour. Though it may seem a hokey sentiment, Kennedy says his faith in humanity was restored the moment he opened the door to find the new guitar on the porch. The megastar's random act of kindness became the catalyst for their sophomore album, titled Saving Hope.
The pair, who are schoolteachers by day, recorded the nine-track album over March Break at Toronto's Revolution Recording. It's a fresh and upbeat collection of songs that preach a message of light through the darkness, that's received rave reviews from critics across the country since its June release.
"If something bad has happened to us, something better happens right after. Something good comes from it," Carmichael said.
"That's the way we try to look at things," Kennedy added. "Everything happens for a reason." - Here Magazine

"Honeymoon Not Over For The Marrieds"

There’s Jay-Z and Beyonce. Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale. Win Butler and Regine Chassagne (perhaps the cutest music couple of all).

Now’s your chance to get introduced to Jane Carmichael and Kevin Kennedy, the happily married musical duo who go by the name “The Marrieds.” They’re fresh off a stint at NXNE in Toronto, and will soon be celebrating a new album at The London Music Club.

Expect a folk-country sound filled with playful lyrics and sweet harmonies from this two-and-a-half-year-old duo, who first garnered attention during London’s great “snowmageddon.” The pair posted three videos over said weekend, and quickly generated more than 10,000 views.

By August 2011, the couple had released their self-titled debut, which includes the charming little track Take Me To California, on which Carmichael sings: “Take me to California, baby / I don’t care if it’s San Jose, San Francisco or L.A. / Just take me to California, baby / All the places we could go; Long Beach, San Diego.”

They recorded the work in a tiny little studio (about the size of a kitchen, they say) with the help of producer/engineer Bob Breen. The Marrieds then followed the release by playing multiple festivals, alongside the likes of favourite Canadian singer-songwriters Kathleen Edwards and Danny Michel, and picking up a couple of nominations at the Jack Richardson Music Awards.

The Marrieds celebrate their CD release party in the London Music Club’s Big Hall Saturday night. Doors are at 7 p.m., and the show starts at 7:30 p.m. Get your tickets for $10 in advance, or $15 at the door. The night also includes sets from special guests Dawn & Marra and Brad Butcher.

* * * - The London Free Press

"Beat Magazine CD Review - Saving Hope by The Marrieds"

With Saving Hope, London’s The Marrieds not only avoid the second album sophomore jinx but actually up their own creative ante. Throughout the nine tracks, the sweetness of Jane Carmichael’s keening country vocals are deftly anchored by Kevin Kennedy and band's confident, occasionally haunting performance.

Although they still have the witty cheek to tip a hat to their regional roots, à la On The CBC and kick up their heels a bit (Under Fire, Oh! My Dear) what makes Saving Hope so remarkable are the dark and melancholic flourishes that underline songs like the mesmerizing Ophelia, This Town and Rest of My Days. It’s this roiling musical undercurrent that distinguishes the finest cuts here, and mark a new maturity for the duo. That aside, all of the cuts have their charms with many compelling one to hit the << button at song's end.

Although The Marrieds have doubtless enjoyed some marketing uplift because of the novelty of their name and backstory, Saving Hope clearly proves that this is a marriage to last.

Rating: A - Beat Magazine

"Dave Navarro Quietly Replaces Canadian Band's Stolen Guitar"

We were just reporting on the sad but common occurrences of bands having their instruments stolen on tour, as a Good Samaritan recently returned a banjo that was taken from British folk-rockers Mumford & Sons during a swing through Australia.

In another report of stolen gear with a happy ending, Canadian husband-wife duo the Marrieds had an acoustic guitar lifted at a recent gig. After offering a reward for the guitar’s safe return, the band was pleasantly surprised when none other than Jane’s Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro took it upon himself to send the couple one of his signature model “Jane” Epiphone acoustic guitars to replace the one (a Navarro edition Yamaha axe) that had been taken.

The band was obviously thrilled with Navarro’s gesture.

The Marrieds@TheMarrieds
Look what came in the mail today! Thank you so much @DaveNavarro and @Epiphone!

7 Nov 12 ReplyRetweetFavorite
“You are very welcome,” Navarro tweeted back, adding that he was happy to see that the guitar arrived to them intact.

“It all happened via Twitter!” Navarro tweeted to the London Free Press when asked about transaction. Score one for social networks.

While the band is eager to thank Navarro for his gift in person, in the meantime they’ve written a song for him that they’ve posted to their Youtube account, “The Thank You Dave Navarro Song.”

Ending their most recent tour with an epic show at Los Angeles venue the Wiltern, Dave Navarro and Jane’s Addiction can next be heard performing a cover version of Rolling Stones’ classic “Sympathy For the Devil” as part of the upcoming Vol. 2 soundtrack for popular biker drama Sons of Anarchy. Navarro will appear as a gang member on the show’s last two episodes of this season.

–Scott T. Sterling, CBS Local - KROQ 106.7 –Scott T. Sterling, CBS Local

"A True Guitar Hero Story Involving Dave Navarro and a Canadian Indie Band"

A note from Jane of The Marrieds popped into my inbox this morning:

Hi Alan,

Just wanted to share an incredible story of kindness. We had our white, Yamaha acoustic signature Dave Navarro guitar stolen at our show in London, ON 3 weeks ago. This guitar meant so much to my husband and bandmate, Kevin.

We offered $1000 for its return, but it has not been found.

Dave Navarro saw all of our tweets on Twitter and sent us a new black, Epiphone acoustic signature Dave Navarro guitar on Wednesday.

Last night we made a YouTube video to thank him.

Very best,


The Marrieds - Alan Cross: A Journal of Musical Things

"Dave Navarro Sends Canadian Musician New Guitar"

Dave Navarro is guaranteed to be put on Santa’s “Good List” this Christmas after the guitarist put his big heart to good use to help a musician in London, Ontario, recently.

After hearing about a situation where a local guitarist by the name of Kevin Kennedy had his white Yamaha acoustic signature Dave Navarro guitar stolen following a gig last month, the Jane’s Addiction guitarist sent the musician a brand new signature Epiphone acoustic guitar to replace his beloved instrument.

Kennedy and his wife/musical duo partner Jane Carmichael Kennedy of the duo the Marrieds first took to their Twitter and Facebook accounts, offering a reward for the return of their missing guitar, only to find Navarro’s good deed show up on their doorstep.

“Look what came in the mail today!” the couple tweeted, along with a photograph of the new guitar. “Thank you so much @DaveNavarro and @epiphone!”

“Dave Navarro saw our tweet on Twitter about Kevin’s stolen guitar and he sent us his signature Epiphone!” the duo continued in another tweet.

Navarro quickly replied back to the ecstatic duo. “So happy it arrived!” he tweeted. “You are VERY welcome.”

The couple continued to sing Navarro’s praises in a series of other tweets to follow, including a personalized YouTube video titled “The Thank You Dave Navarro Song,” which they sang to the famed musician, using their new guitar, of course!

Watch the Marrieds Thank You Tribute to Dave Navarro - Loudwire

"Jane's Addiction and Camp Freddy Guitarist Dave Navarro Replaces Missing Guitar"

Dave Navarro has rocked and tweeted Kevin Kennedy’s guitar world.

This week, Jane’s Addiction guitar hero Navarro sent London musician Kennedy his signature model Epiphone acoustic guitar to replace a beloved six-string instrument stolen at a gig.

Social-media network Twitter helped bring about the happy ending,

“It all happened via Twitter!” Navarro tweeted to The Free Press on Thursday.

News of his generous gift lit up London social-media users on Twitter and Facebook the night before.

When the guitar was stolen last month at a London club, Kennedy and his real-life partner on- and off-stage in the duo the Marrieds, Jane Carmichael Kennedy, immediately took to Twitter and Facebook to offer a reward for its return.

It has not resurfaced. But this week, sweet music arrived from Navarro.

“Look what came in the mail today! Thank you so much @DaveNavarro and@epiphone!,” the Marrieds said on social media, posting a happy photo with the new guitar.

“Dave Navarro saw our tweet on Twitter about Kevin’s stolen guitar and he sent us his signature Epiphone!” the duo said.

Navarro tweeted “You are very welcome” to the duo and “Thanks” to an blogger who posted about the Californian being a rock star who “truly rawks.”

Price of the Navarro signature model was not disclosed. Some Internet sources offer similar models at sale prices of about $600.

Meanwhile, alt-rockers Jane’s Addiction continues to be a force more than 25 years after they first shook up the hair-metal 1980s.

With co-founders Navarro and frontman Perry Farrell front-and-centre, the band finished up a tour last month in their hometown of Los Angeles to rave reviews.
- The London Free Press

"Guitar Hero Dave Navarro Replaces Ontario Musician's Stolen Guitar"

When a London, Ontario, band asked friends for help in recovering their stolen guitar, they had no idea a rock star would come to their rescue.
Last month, Kevin Kennedy's white, Yamaha acoustic signature Dave Navarro guitar was stolen at a London club. He and his wife — and bandmate in the folk duo The Marrieds — Jane Carmichael Kennedy, shared the frustrating news on Twitter and Facebook and offered a $1,000 reward for the instrument's safe return.
No one came forward with news of the guitar.
Last week, however, a brand-new guitar arrived in the mail — from Jane's Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro.
"Look what came in the mail today! Thank you so much @DaveNavarro and @epiphone!" the ecstatic couple wrote on Twitter, sharing a photo of themselves with a new black, Epiphone Dave Navarro "Jane" signature guitar.
The Marrieds sent Navarro a video in appreciation for the rocker's incredible act of kindness. - Yahoo News

"Local Love - Issue #3"

This little folk pop duo creates music that is beautiful, heartfelt and never fails to transport me to a happier place. Jane’s understated and delightful vocals are perfectly complimented by a mix of ukulele, guitar and the pure poetry of their lyrics. This husband and wife duet embraces the heart of folk and pop and infuses it into an energetic and powerful concoction. The overwhelming sheer talent of this twosome is beautiful to watch live and has brought to life some of those little Canadian tidbits this country has become known for: diversity & heart.

- herbedisdeadly

"The London Free Press Top 10 Albums of 2011"

Side One is Courtship, Side Two is the Nuptials. So this is a concept record by a real-life London music couple. The Marrieds is happy and intelligent pop about a true partnership in love and music from that couple, Jane Carmichael and Kevin Kennedy. Try to resist Take Me to California, an ultra-catchy plea for a trip to there. Oh wait. I Love You So is even ultra-catchier. Okay, try to resist any of it. Carmichael and Kennedy have separate gigs away from the Marrieds. Still this is a 2011 hit that begs for another installment in the song saga.

- The London Free Press

"Appreciating The East Coast With The Marrieds"

...enjoyable album with strong songs... - CBC's Bob Mersereau

"CBC's Bandwidth"

Take Me To California is a sweet little upbeat tune and it was sunshine at 5:45 on a gloomy Saturday. - Amanda Putz from CBC Radio One's "Bandwidth"

"The Marrieds."

Jane Carmichael & Kevin Kennedy are “The Marrieds”. During the now infamous “Snowmageddon” of London, Ontario (December 2010) the duo posted three “snow” songs which, within just a few short days, received over 10,000 hits and had gained the attention of CBC radio. Their self-titled first release came out this August.

I downloaded their album from iTunes last week and listened to it in the car on a trip to Toronto. Perfect road trip music, soulful, fun and extremely catchy. I will even admit to having “Take Me to California” on repeat most of the return trip home.

The twosome have been performing across Ontario this summer, and have rapidly become favourites of fresh air festivals everywhere. Jane & Kevin are endearing and charming, and are hitting the stage with a fresh sound that is bringing a hip new “folky-pop” to a younger generation. Reminiscent of Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer, who once recorded their first album in their kitchen and went on to live in the hearts of music lovers forever, if you haven’t already had the pleasure, take the time to fall in love with The Marrieds.

- Franki Figgs

"Even More Music (And Video) From the Inbox"

“Husband and wife team up with some quiet alt-pop with some countryish vocals. Pleasant stuff. The realness of The Marrieds track (Back to You) is apparent, which is why I selected them. Technology in the right hands is a good thing. Where it goes off the rails is when it's used to mask a lack of talent.” - Alan Cross

"Hot Indies Pop CD/DVD Reviews"

“...this London based duo has managed to put together a 10-track collection of enjoyable, original pop/folksy/country tinged tunes on their self-titled debut CD. Recorded with producer/engineer, Bob Breen, the album really acts as a musical tribute to courtship and marriage with Carmichael and Kennedy creating sweet harmony on tracks like 'Back To You,' 'Mixed Up,' and 'A Little Starlight.'” - John Sharpe, Scene Magazine


2013 - Saving Hope (Produced, Engineered, and Mixed by Bob Breen at Revolution Recording in Toronto and Bob Breen's Studio, Mastered by Joao Carvalho at Joao Carvalho Mastering)

Radio Play:

"Come To Bed" - CBC Radio One
"On The CBC" - CBC Radio One, CIUT 89.5
"Saving Hope" - 94.9 CHRW Top 30 Chart #6, 100.9 Canoe FM

2012 - "The Thank You Dave Navarro Song"

Radio Play:

CBC Radio One, FM 96, 98.1 Free FM, KROQ 106.7 FM

2011 - Self Titled (Produced by Bob Breen and The Marrieds, Engineered and Mixed by Bob Breen, Mastered by Bryan Martin at SonosphereAudio Mastering)

Radio Play:

"Take Me To California" - CHFI 98.1, CBC Radio One, CFAI FM, CHRW 94.9
"Back To You" - CBC Radio One, CHRW 94.9,
"Find Your Way" - CBC Radio One
"The Big 5-0" - CBC Radio One, CHRW 94.9
"Giants" - CBC Radio One

2011 - Snow Song Trilogy (Produced by Bob Breen and The Marrieds, Engineered and Mixed by Bob Breen at Bob Breen's Studio, Mastered by Joao Carvalho at Joao Carvalho Mastering)

Radio Play:

"Back To Bed I Go" - CBC Radio One
"Won't You Stay Snowed In With Me" - CBC Radio One



London, ON duo Jane Carmichael and Kevin Kennedy officially formed as The Marrieds in December 2010 when they posted 3 snow day songs on YouTube during London's Snowmageddon. The songs received over 10 000 views in a couple of days. This captured the attention of CBC Radio, who made them "The Sound of the Day" across Canada.

The couple now have two full-length albums (Saving Hope 2013, Self-Titled 2011) and an EP (Snow Song Trilogy 2011) under their belts, have toured all over Canada, and have shared the stage with such artists as Kathleen Edwards, Bahamas, Danny Michel, Colleen Brown, Ian Thomas, Dave Gunning, Lennie Gallant, Meaghan Smith, Treble Charger, and The Trews, among others. Their nominations include a 2013 Jack Richardson Music Award in the Folk/Roots Category, a 2012 Jack Richardson Music Award in the Fan Favourite Category, a 2012 London Music Award in the Folk/Roots Category and a 2012 Toronto Independent Music Award in the Folk/Roots Category. The Marrieds were also voted Regional Top 20 in CBC's Searchlight Competition 2013 and were listed #2 on The London Free Press's Top 10 Albums of 2013.


Budweiser New Music Fest London 2013

Folk Music Ontario 2013 Private Showcases

Indie Week Canada 2013, 2012

Canadian Coast To Coast Tour 2013

Via Rail On Board Entertainers West Coast 2013

Canterbury Folk Festival 2013

NXNE 2013, 2012

Canadian Music Week 2013, 2012

Eats N Beats Festival 2013

Via Rail On Board Entertainers East Coast 2012

Falcon Ridge Folk Festival Emerging Artist Showcase 2012

S.C.E.N.E. Music Festival 2012

Home County Music & Art Festival 2012

Back To The Garden Roots Music Festival 2012

Toronto Independent Music Awards Home & Native Sound Series 2012


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