The Martindales

The Martindales


Original music with a smooth southern soul feel. Led by lead guitarist and singer Brian Brickley. Somewhere between Delbert McClinton and The Allman Brothers The Martindales bring something different to the blues tradition.


From The Ann Abor Observer.
....The Martindales... is a typical post-Jeff Beck-Jimmy Page-Eric Clapton electric blues band with plenty of covers and long, extended blues jams, with the keys sometimes sounding like a B-3 organ, at other times like an electric piano. Brickley’s guitar was the focus as he showered the audience with some of the most amazing guitar licks I’ve heard in a local bar in years. I suppose if I hadn’t been drinking beer my mouth would have dropped open for the entire set.
My guess is that Brickley listened to the British blues guys, but there is no doubt he learned a few tricks from a wide range of the greats. At times he’s doing some straight head B. B. King riffs. Other times there’s some Luther Anderson thunder and fire. On other songs Brickley slips into a smooth T-Bone Walker shuffle, and then he downshifts on the next song into a Robert Cray mode. But the amazing thing here is that he takes all this stuff, adds a smooth pop covering to it, and makes it his own. The bonus here is Brickley’s cool blue-eyed southern rock voice, much like Gregg Allman’s. His voice has both grit and a casual soulfulness, and his singing is intense with a sweet country edge.
To cap it off, Brickley writes some damn good originals, too. He did only a couple the night I saw him, but the band’s eponymous new debut CD is loaded with fresh and very listenable tunes, from “Quietly Hold Me,” a sad and mournful ballad Eric Clapton might wish he’d written, to the street-smart “9 mm Brother.”
The Martindales are one hell of a blues band. I hope it doesn’t take the rest of the world as long as I did to figure this out. -Alan Goldsmith


Stop Hurting

Written By: Brian Brickley

Tell me why, you must keep fighting someone. Tell me why you must keep hurting someone.

Your anger, is all on yourself,
For the bad hand in life you've been delt,
Can't you see we are just like you,
We've had to work and struggle too.

Courage comes from love not hate,
A coward can retaliate,
Throw down your knife and hold out your hand,
You will reenter the brothehood of man,

Brother open your eyes,
We're only here for a short while,
Don't waste your life fighting alone,
The happiness that you deny is your own

It's time, for you to stop fighting someone.
It's time, for you to stop hurting someone.

Something Blue

Written By: Brian Brickley

Got your invitation today,
Nearly took my breath away,
The words you wrote said please be there,

I remember in the end,
You said we can still be friends,
Let me ask you now my friend does this seem fair?

Something old, that's our love,
Something new, grey skys above
Something borrowed that's your ring
To your wedding I will bring,
Something Blue

I hope your happy, no not really,
Cause misery loves company
And the man in the suit is suposed to be me.
I don't no if I man enough to swallow my pride,
When he lifts the vail to kiss the bride.


Never should have kissed me and held me so tight,
Never should have let me see your body in the pale moon light
I know forever is just a word that people use,
Love's a game to you and I guess I loose.

It's going to take a ton of whiskey to keep me in my seat,
When the preacher say speak now or hold your piece.

Redtailed Hawk

Written By: Brian Brickley

I rode sixteen hundred miles through the ice and snow,
And dirty cities where don't a damn thing grow,
I wish I had a dime for every bump in this road,
Think I'll leave this all behind soon as I loose this load,

Pushed a rig since I turned eighteen,
Always in a hurry to see what could be seen,
Thought I'd be happy with the things that money brings,
Now I find you can't buy time so it don't mean a damn thing,

There's a redtailed hawk flying on the breeze,
Through the blue sky above the pine trees,
What I'd give to feel the green grass below my bare feet,
It's spring time in Tennesee

The girl I left behind lord how she cried,
I know she waiting where the river runs wild,
She's as pretty as the wild flowers growing on the moutain side,
We'll make love on the bank until the river runs dry,


"The Martindales," 2001. Currently working on second CD.

Set List

Primarily playing festivals and Night club gigs from 45 minutes to three hours.