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"Good, solid, schtuff"

The Mary Major are four of the former members of the Swedish Goth/Doom/Death metal act: Beseech (Napalm/Metal Blade Records). The two lead vocalists: Lotta Höglin, Erik Molarin, Daniel Elofsson (guitars), Jonas Strömberg (drums), and new bassist, Jörgen Ström, are now working together in a completely different direction and style. It's more straight-a-head, noisy, rock and metal 'ala the sound of scandinavia and it's been mastered in the states by the legendary, Beau Hill.
Indeed, you can pick up bits and pieces of everything from Nightwish (minus the hi-pitch operatic styled vocals of Tarja) to Lambretta (Linda Sundblad), Backyard Babies, and In Flames. It's true The Mary Major's version of rock isn't exactly breaking any new boundaries, but when they bring out all the animals at once and swap vocal duties with scary regularity, you're forced to admit that these guys rock... sort of. I do miss a couple of (mary) major hit singles which could bring this CD and band to the next level. If you're playing this kind of music, well, they you're also going to need a couple of "MTV" videos. However, the material is overall strong and this evidence the second album should be the one to dispel all the doubters.
Opener, "Stage", works closely to the tradition of Nightwish with Erik's brute vocals and the clean and kind of innocent approach of Lotta. You know, the stereo typical "male vs. female" duet. Wouldn't it be fun if the tables were turned for once? The music is more straight-a-head "sleaze" though and you won't find a lot of keyboards on this record. "Ambush" and "Morning Sickness" are exactly what the titles suggest and these uptempo rockers could work as their trademark and brand. Erik goes apeshit as usual in the beginning of the songs and then you have Lotta's voice as the contrast. The raw guitar sound is really upfront, in-your-face, and don't expect any 80's 'Beau Hill' production on this platter. Good, solid, schtuff. - Rock United

"A very original album in the end"

THE MARY MAJOR is an interesting band from Sweden with a huge sound on their very first album 04:13, which is surprisingly thanks to the mastering by BEAU HILL (!), who of course is a legend from the 80s American Poser Metal scene (WINGER, WARRANT?). Nevertheless, THE MARY MAJOR sounds modern and fresh, very heavy in the guitar department, but also thanks to the mix of a superstrong female singer for the higher vocal range (LOTTA HOGLIN) and a male singer for the lower vocal range (ERIK MOLARIN), this is a very original album in the end. Personally prefer the female singer, who really sounds great. The music of THE MARY MAJOR is modern, yet pure Melodic Heavy Rock with Metal riffs here and there. 10 songs are included and the band reminds a bit of a mix between BACKYARD BABIES, TURBONEGRO and CRUCIFIED BARBERA. Typical Rock and Roll of the present day, so make sure not to miss this band at:
(Points: 8.2 out of 10) - Strutter Magazine

"Fast paced and infectious"

Back to Sweden, but not for the sleaze this time. After the demise of goth metallers Beseech, members Lotta Höglin, Erik Molarin, Daniel Elofsson and Jonas Strömber joined forces with bassist Jörgen Ström, changed direction in favour of kickass, attitude-laden rock and set out to take over the world. Okay, so I made up the world domination part. But I'm pretty sure that, in musical terms, these four guys and one gal could do it.

The duelling vocals of Höglin and Molarin are inevitably going to draw comparisons with Nightwish minus the orchestral backdrop, favouring pounding drums, driving guitars and a heavy bass line throughout. However, they do mix it up a bit - sure, Molarin is pretty brutal at times, but so is Höglin. Her's is not an operatic voice and at times she's as heavy going and brutal as her male counterpart. Similarly on Smuck where Molarin takes the more definite lead he shows he has the chops to pull it off straight as well. It's not exactly melodic rock, it has more of a punk inspired attitude than that.

Inevitably, I'm loving Elofsson's guitars, both in the heavier, metal sounds of the likes of album opener Stage 7 and in the more nuanced, slower paced tracks like The Moon Motel. Equally, Strömberg's drums and Ström's bass are superb throughout, and both really lead the pace at times.

Morning Sickness has to be one of my favourite tracks on the album. Fast paced and infectious, it's a perect example of how this fivepiece blend so well. Loving the bass line in particular. It's also a pretty even split between make and female on vocal duties and works so, so well.

Definitely check out The Mary Major. This self-produced debut is really high quality in song-writing, in production and in performances, and it will have you rocking out whether you like it or not. - Gracefuldegradation

"Compelling you to get up and dance"

The metal scene is so male dominated that when a band comes along fronted by a female with half a decent voice they often gather attention, wheter deserved or not, but are often just not up to par. Fortunately there are exceptions to the rule; Lacuna Coil being a genuinely good metal band that happens to feature a woman on vocals, The Mary Major is another. Hailing from Scandinavia, an area known for its heavy metal, the group merge chunky, simple and heavy as fuck riffs with co-singers Lotta and Erik's vocal styles that though different, complement each other beautifully. 'Split' is one of the album's heavier moments and 'Morning Sickness' has a killer opening riff. The album is not without it's faults; 'The Moon Motel' is a dissapointning ballad to end a kick ass album, but it also has some real stand out moments that hint at a promising career for this band. My advice is to stay away from the slow stuff and stick to songs like 'Stage 7' that thrash out of the speakers, almost compelling you to get up and dance.
Lauren Walker - Black Velvet Magazine

"One of the better debuts in this year."

Fuck off with Evanescence and Within Temptations and even Guano Apes, because Mary Major owns! Well, I may sound a little bit harsh here, but we aren’t far from truth. Mary Major’s debut album simply kicks ass! Band plays energetic rock’n’roll with aroma of groove metal, spiced with ground shaking riffs and very emotional vocals from Lotta Höglin and Erik Molarin. Mary Major stands for examples that you don’t have to be a part of big music machinery to be consisted excellent and ground braking. With no much of discussion if this band doesn’t achieve full respect with their debut, there’s no bad thoughts that they won’t manage that with their next release. All I can say for this album are good words of respect and support, as band is much talented and open for progression. Arrangements are tight and straight forward, busted with energy and emotions, and spiced with crunchy riffs and fast and beat breaking rhythms. Besides the raw energy, band possess radio friendly note, but that doesn’t make them sounding softer or sleazy. One of the better debuts in this year. -

"Give The Mary Major a shot"

Sweden's The Mary Major feature in their ranks, Lotta Höglin who some people might recognize from her time as a member of Swedish Gothic metallers Beseech who released a number of pretty good albums, before (I believe) calling it a day. Her new outfit The Mary Major has just issued their debut titled "04:13". If you're looking for another band similar to Beseech, than you will be disappointed. Instead of the Gothic stylings of her previous band, The Mary Major play heavy pop with alternative and modern rock influences seeping it's way into the songs. "04:13" is actually a pretty darn good album, that includes 10-songs and about 41-minutes worth of some pretty cool material that has a definite accesibility factor to them.

In addition to the female vocals of Lotta Höglin, The Mary Major also includes the male vocals of Erik Molarin. The vocal duties are split pretty evenly throughout the duration of the CD, with the more familiar Lotta mixing well with the mid-range to shouting style supplied by Erik. "Stage 7" is the riff heavy opener and really a catchy number that is pretty much indicative of what "04:13" has to offer. This CD does feature it's fair share of heavy moments, as can be heard on such tracks as: "Split", "Ambush", "66 A.M." (powered by an awesome, heavy opening riff) and my favorite track "Morning Sickness".
I will admit that "04:13" took me a few listens, before it started to grow on me, and realize that this is a nice solid effort that is a good introduction to these Swedes. Just don't expect Beseech version 2.0, but if you're up for trying something a bit different - yet still musical - then give The Mary Major a shot. - Femme Metal

"It really is good!"

Well, what can I say? Out from the shadows emerge 4 former members of the ex Napalm Records band Beseech (a fave band of mine btw), complemented by a new bass player, Jorgen Strom. The result...The Mary Major. The members of this band financed this album, released it on their own TMM label. And if that is not enough, the mastering was carried out by Beau Hill (Alice Cooper, Europe and Ratt amongst others). The music here is heavy and straight to the point, featuring driving guitars, solid vocals coupled with a solid bass/drum backdrop. And on top of all that, the music on offer never loses it's sense of melody. Featuring the dual vocal attack of Lotta Höglin and Erik Molarin (as it was in Beseech), this is an awesome dose of rock music that hits hard but is always melodic. Great stuff on offer featuring the awesome opener 'Stage 7'. 'Split' keeps up the momentum and you can hear the Beseech resemblances here (as in other tracks too) - just a lot heavier than their previous band. 'Ambush' is a mid pace heavy number while 'Morning Sickness' ups the pace again, and like their former band, Erik and Lotta's vocals complement each other really well. The album continues at a similar pace throughout, with Erik's vocals at times reminding me of Andrea Ferro (Lacuna Coil). I personally like a sense of melody in the music I listen to, and this has it all. It is heavy, it rocks, there are no keyboard meanderings. Just straight forward melodic hard rock and metal, putting yours truly in hard rock heaven. Check the band out at and then buy the cd. It really is good! 9/10 (Reviewed by Dave) -

"The Mary Major have the potential to be real contenders"

The Mary Major was born from the now defunct Swedish goth metal band Beseech, including Lotta Hoglin, Erik Molarin, Daniel Elofsson, and Jonas Stromberg. Their first release, 04:13, on their own imprint is both a departure from and a reinvention of their past. Generally, 04:13 is more modern hard rock edging towards metal, having the two main characteristics of both, heaviness and harshness. This sound is only tempered by blended vocal arrangements, featuring Lotta Hoglin, which add a more melodic feel to the album. This may be the only hold over from the former Beseech days. Often, as on Stage 7, TMM can sound like an interesting amalgam of punk, hardcore, and metal.
In the end 04:13 is driven by monster riffs, a pounding rhythm section, and bold male/female vocal arrangements. It's a thunderous, near arena, rock sound that could invigorate the current maudlin modern hard rock genre, if they were somehow remarkably different from their peers. I'm not sure The Mary Major is bringing anything new that will distinguish them from the mob. Yet, songs like Morning Sickness or Split have almost radio friendly sensibility with catchy hooks within the heavy sound. Other songs, like 66 am, Time of Death, and The Moon Motel, are riff upon riff exercises in the ordinary. Nevertheless, The Mary Major have the potential to be real contenders in, and have the ability to recharge, the modern hard rock realm, especially in the American market. -


Debut album "04:13" released 2009



The Mary Major arose from the ashes of Beseech in 2006. Since then, the band has focused on creating heavy, straight-to-the-point, kick-ass rock ‘n’ roll. The group has spent the last year creating new music and playing gigs. Although the Mary Major enjoys working in the studio, the stage is the band’s true home. It’s there, in the moshing and slamming joints, that the group’s massive sound really comes alive.True to the band’s musical origins, this debut album features nothing but driving guitars, solid vocals, and a relentless bass-and-drum backdrop. The Mary Major sound has spread not only across the Swedish rock scene, but to music aficionados all over the world.

The debut album “04:13”, mastered by Beau Hill was released november 20, 2009. For the upcoming second album TMM has signed a contract with Sony Music's sublabel Rambo Music. The work on the new album has begun and the recordings will start in november 2010.