The Marzipan Man

The Marzipan Man


The Marzipan Man sound is located between orchestral pop and dream folk. Influenced by the psychedelia of Syd Barrett or Kevin Ayers, the glam-rock with folk touches of T. Rex, the autumnal atmospheres of Nick Drake and the fantasy world of Lewis Carroll.


The marzipan man lives under a tree, sharing the flat's rent with two rabbits. He very rarely comes out and spends most of his time writing stories. He found socializing difficult, so he became a puppeteer (...) but one thing was missing: the puppets. He needed ones that could sing and dance. He found some. They are playing somewhere and trying to make sense of the lyrics while singing them. Jordi is the puppet singer's name. He writes and produces the songs together with the marzipan man. The band that plays this songs live is The Marzipan Man ensemble, a mutating collective of freaks/friends, which has been playing up and down Spain during this last five years, being featured in Benicàssim Festival, Primavera Sound, Monkey Week, Faraday, Mercat de la Música viva de Vic, and has performed around England, France, Belgium and Germany. The marzipan man has two albums released so far, and three nice videoclips: "Sometimes", "Hypnotized" and "When little Johanna dances".


Album "The Marzipan Man Stories" (Primeros Pasitos, 2007, CD)
Single "When little Johanna dances" (Bubota Discos, 2010, Vinyl 7")
Album "The Marzipan Man Adventures" (Primeros Pasitos 2011, CD and 12" Vinyl)