The Masses

The Masses


The Masses is a band who groove out original, intense rock songs from the soul with musical & lyrical subtleties and layers of depth. We love people and we love music. We love to play and we love a crowd. Give us a stage and we'll give you a high-energy, highly-energizing show.


Influences include The Beatles, Pink Floyd, U2, Pearl Jam, Neil Young, R.E.M., Stevie Wonder, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, The Wallflowers, The Smashing Pumpkins.

The Masses REALLY love the audience and the audience can feel it. A great deal of thought and care is put into preparing and delivering our best show every night and this high standard is taken very seriously.

Basically started as a few guys just jamming and started to realize we were writing material that was solid, so we continued to develop the songs, refine the sound and start doing shows and recording. First album, "Turn" was released on band camp in July 2012.


Lovers of Light

Written By: The Masses

We can be lovers of light
No matter from what lamp it appears
We can be lovers of the rose
No matter from what garden it blooms

Lovers of light, seekers of truth

We can be seekers of truth
No matter from what source it comes

Lovers of light, seekers of truth

Attachment to one lamp
Can prevent us from
Appreciating the light when it shines in another
Attachment to outer forms and practices
Can deprive us from understanding truth
We must abandon prejudice and outmoded traditions
If we are to succeed in finding truth
If we understand this, we will be able to see
That the divine light of truth shone in all the Manifestations

Lovers of light, seekers of truth


Turn - LP - 2012