The Matches

The Matches


a young band that pumps out high-energy rock, radio melodies, punk bedlam, guitar-hero licks, and clever lyrics that don’t waste your time.


The Matches are a young four-piece (16 to 20 years old) with appeal to the audiences for Weezer, Lit, Greenday, Rancid.

The Matches…
· have a very avid, large following of high school and early college-age fans in the Bay Area (N. California),
· put on their own successful all-ages concert series twice a month in Oakland ($9 ticket, regularly 250 – 350 attending with no publicity or advertising),
· won a radio contest as best unsigned band to open on small stage for Blink 182 Shoreline Amphitheatre show in Fall 2001,
· sold over 3,200 of early 3-song demo in last 11 months (sold at shows only),
· play out 12 –15 times per month (primarily teen centers with some major clubs including several recent shows at Great American Music Hall and Bottom of the Hill),
· deliver on stage with a mix of wild, frantic stage action and skilled/tuneful musicianship ... huge fun,
· and promote like crazy constantly playing high-energy, in-your-face, brief, unannounced acoustic performances outside concert and club shows, high schools, fastfood outlets, skateparks, etc.

Most importantly ... great songs.

New shopping demo just completed, but a couple of small indie deals already offered, triggered by buzz about live shows.




Written By: The Matches

I swear that you believed me when I told you that I was Superman
With you I can even fool myself
We’ve been friends since we were 12, now I’ll be 17 on the 24th
You’ve posed for 5 years on my shelf
I counted seasons ’til the fall when I would steal your heart
You left the scene before my crime
I think about you when I’m sick and tired of stupid girls
I think about you all the time

I am Superman with you
Oh, c’mon, you know you’re my hero, too
Oh, it might sound like a lie
But I know and you know
That Superman can fly

Stared through the menu on the wall we’ve read too many times
Lit a match to watch it burn
You keep me waiting longer everyday, but still I’m here
The more you live, the less I learn

Went to Marine world, tried to find the words to say to you
But I couldn’t find the place to start
I love you, I hate you
All I know is that I don’t know nothin’
And nothing’s gonna’ break my heart – break down to a thousand pieces

One more second with these words unsaid
They’ll catch fire in my head
So do I look like a fool here
Tell me if I’m making this up
I don’t care

Chain Me Free

Written By: The Matches

Chain me free
Lose the key, right now

She was from my home town, I’d never met her
Ditched her boyfriend, ’cause I was better
She showed me pictures in her car…
Pictures of the Beach Boys and Kelly Slater
Bounced from the party ’cause the girls all hate her
She said she wants to see the stars

She’s had some fast times
First times always last times
Out in the foxglove, I’m in…

Chain me free
Or let if fall
We can be all, we can be all, I said
What’s in your head?
Lose the key
Or please don’t call
We can be all, we can be all, I said
She kissed me dead.

She calls me during Loveline and gets the machine
She wants to see me but not to be seen
As if she’s got some mystery
Missed her for a few weeks before I called her
Still didn’t get it, so this is how I stalled her:
Even though you’re seventeen, I got to tell you, you’re too old for me

She’s had some fast times
First times always last times
Out in the foxglove, was that?…

You’re all drugged out and delirious
Don’t close your eyes - are you hearing this?
I’m about to say something
that I swore I’d never say
I gotta’ get it out before I get away
I gotta’ get away before I get it out
I gotta’ get away before I get it out
I gotta’ get away before I get it out, yeah

Chain me free
Lose the key

Eryn Smith

Written By: The Matches

Well if you ever go down to Huntington,
there is a girl there that is named Eryn.
She’s got ADD, but she’s not bored with me.
At least not yet, she said.
She likes to see it on the screen
and then match the scene- I’m in clover.
She’s a dog in heat,
and proud of that cliché.
She’s a can of mixed nuts with a damn nice butt.
It’s over.
But more and more, she tries to make me stay.

*(2nd time- she makes me want to stay)

Eryn Smith, I don’t want you to hate me,
you should know you educate me.
You should know you make me want to say,
You’re bitchin’
And I just want you to hold me,
though I know we’ll leave here lonely,
‘cause in the end, its meant to be that way anyway.

She hacks her hair shorter on the left side,
‘cause if you called her cute, she’d be horrified.
She says we’ll eat popcorn in the dark and pay
ten bucks to watch her life one day.

You should know, I think so much of you.
You should know, I don’t think of you much.
But that’s not true.
You’re the dimple in my cheeks that I can’t spit out.
You’re the smile in my eyes that I can’t cry out.
The word “subtle” is not a word that goes with...
Eryn Smith--


3-song Demo, The Locals, Aug 01
2-song Demo, The Matches, Nov 02
(Chain Me Free, Superman)
see The Matches

Set List

-sets range from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours, as needed; can fill 3 hour, 3 set night
-25 songs