The Matter

The Matter

 New Haven, Connecticut, USA

The Matter is three 90's influenced musicians that have found something to say in the 2000's by combining funk, alternative rock, and synth sounds to create a new brand of Rock And Roll


The Matter was formed in the Fall of 2008 when Paul Johns (bass) and Tim Eytalis (drums) responded to an ad posted by Scott Smith (guitar, vocals) on The result is a funky and technical rock band that is easy to get into on the first listen, but still have a sound all their own. The songs have the clarity and maturity that can only come from past experience. They have each honed their skills with previous bands such as The Murder City Players, Thos, Agent Zero...etc. The songs are tightly composed and focused with a healthy mix of warm analogue textures from the past as well as electronic smatterings that look to the future.

What this band sets out to prove every night is that Rock and Roll is still alive and very well…


Making Change

Written By: Scott Smith

I'm gettin' sick enough
Of being pushed around
I think we had it up
Until you took it down

And now you're all the same
You play the same games
You sold us down the river
Right before the rain

Change, it's gotta change
Or I will completely
Go insane...yeah

So whatcha gonna say
Why should you win
I don't believe it's happening again
We're not the same
We're not the same
We're not to blame
Don't you dare
We're not the cause
Of all your pain
Don't you dare x3

Change, it's gotta change
Or I will completely
Go insane
Hey, do you know the way
Cause these days
I hardly know my name

The more I hear and see
The more I know it's gotta start with me
I gotta look before I leap
Practice what I preach
With all the future on the line
I know that I can take the time to

Change I gotta change
For we all will see
Much better days
Hey, I think I know the way
But I'm not naming any names


2008 Single; 1. Making Change 2. The Plan

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Set List

The Matter have an hour of original material which include the songs: The Plan, Making Change, For Nate, The Thin Line, Negative Zero, Phill's Pills, Starting Over, Break It Up, The Light, Face It, Before Rock

Cover songs include: Axel F and Ska-Bird