The Matthew Holm Band

The Matthew Holm Band


The Matthew Holm band is a new sound to country/acoustic rock music. When we come out to perfrom we don't just play music we try to put on a show, we're very outgoing, much much energy, three hour plus set lists mostly all original music, and love being on stage. Matthew Holm brings a unique writing style to the table, he blends his gritty rock vocals, captivating acoustic riffs, and rough country lyrics all together in a new kind of country sound.


I started playing the electric guitar when I was 15 years old and I have been singing my whole life. I was in choir in high school and always was a Country music fan. As soon as i knew some chords a started writing my own songs that relate to my personal life, When I was 17 years old I switched over from electric to the acoustic guitar and that is my main instrument now. When I turned 19 I dropped out of college to pursue this dream I have and love with all my heart. I try to bring a new style to my writing and hope everyone can relate and enjoy this music. Jim, Mikey, and I have been playing together for a little over a year now and live for every second we get on stage. they bring they're solid heavy rhythm to my gruff acoustic/rock singing and guitar.

Set List

The Matthew Holm Band writes each set list for each individual show, that way its different everytime.