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Matt Hutch Band

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | SELF

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2010
Band Rock EDM


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Slot Kings -Slit Slot get stoopid on tape"

Slot Kings:
Slit Slot get stoopid on tape

What is the greatest band? The Stones? The Beatles? The Clash? Alvin and the Chipmunks? People sit up late into the night asking this question. Well, put on your footie pyjamas and shut off the lights. Extremely talented local musical
comedians and jacks of all genres Slit Slot are here to give us the answer. "We are the greatest," Matt Hutch and Peter Van Ruff inform me over beers at Squirly's.Hutch and
Van Ruff share vocal, guitar and beat duty. They're joined by drummer and relatively
new addition Andre Skinner (the guy who busks at Queen and Spadina).Bassist Cedrick
Best is absent, which is OK in this case, since Hutch and Van Ruff talk over each
other at all times. Skinner tells me he's "the best drummer in Toronto."Hutch and Van
Ruff concur. It's been difficult, they tell me, finding a drummer who can keep up with
the drum machine they often rely on. You can witness all this greatness tonight
(Thursday, October 31) at the 360. There'll be wrestlers and all sorts of crazy
shit. Hutch thinks the band may dress up as dictators. Slit Slot have been carrying on like
this for close to two years. One of those years was spent playing regularly at Beat Junkie
without a stage -- they just played on the dance floor, freestyling originals and covering
numbers by the Stones, Ministry, Curtis Mayfield, Zappa and Black Flag, jamming with
whoeverwanted to join in and getting unlimited free drinks. They've recently released their
independent first album, Snake Oil. Often hilarious, Weenlike in its experimental approach, as goofy as it is technically sound, Snake Oil explores the territory of Latin,
punk, rock and hiphop with entertaining tunes like Cocaine, Heroin and Doggy Style.
Eighty per cent of the record was recorded freestyle. Hutch, Van Ruff and Skinner each
has his own studio. They'll soon open another at the base of Mount St. Louis, complete
with 24-track ProTools and snooker tables, where bands can go, ski, snowboard,
lounge in the hot tub and maybe even record some music -- and let's not forget, bask in
the presence of greatness. You know the kind of guys, the ones who are always
recording something. "Some of the record was done on a four-track, some on a 36-track.
Some of it's live, some was recorded at a cottage," says Van Ruff. "We've actually
got enough material recorded for seven or eight records, " Hutch tells me. "The next one
is gonna be a double disc of country, German technoand death metal. Oh, and Cuban.
There'll be some Cuban in there. We've also been working on rap-a-billy." Alas, not
everyone recognizes greatness when they see it. Some people have even been known
to storm out of Slit Slot shows, offended by their attitude or language. "I guess they
just don't get that it's improv comedy," says Hutch. Others take issue with the lyrics
of songs like Doggy Style, a light samba about fucking bitches from behind.
"Some women tell me it's offensive," says Van Ruff. "But the truth is, their boyfriends are
banging them from behind later that night just like in the song. And I can't think about
what's politically correct and what's not when I'm freestyle rhyming."

July 25th, 2002 Eye Magazine

BULLETINS A-GO-GO! Gonzo electro-ragga-punk pranksters Slit Slot play The
360 July 26 in honour of their epic new Snake Oil disc, which packs enough genre-fuck
mutations and booty/blow job references to make Gene and Dean Ween toke in approval.
Opening entertainment will be provided by Droopy and funnyman Nick Flanagan. Stuart Berman

June 21st, 2001 Now Magazine


Who? Dean "The Machine" Foster (left congas), Pete Van Ruff (vocals)---
Cedrick "The Limey" Best (bass) and Matt Hutch (guitar)--

Where? Saturday (June 23) with the Cowslingers at the El Mocambo-----

Sound? Musical comedy with balls----------------------------------------

Key fast facts? The crowd-baiting rap rock unit fronted by confrontational freestyler Pete Van Tuff have been antagonizing unsuspecting audiences with
their politically incorrect riffing for much of the past twoyears,although they
didn't get serious until Matt Hutch's previous outfit, Teen Crud Combo,bitthe dust. According to Hutch, it all connected for Slit Slot when they decided
to replace their drummer with a machine "we tried using a couple of different
drummers" he confides, "but we found that they're all idiots. There's something
in their constant arm movements that flips on the drama queen switch in their
brains. Eventually we just bought some drum machines and everything just fell
into place. "Slit Slot are threatening to release their self produced debut album
by the end of the year says Hutch, it'll have at least 15 different styles of music
represented, everything from roots reggae to punk to rock, some old-school hiphop and drum & bass of course. There'll be a little spoken word comedy
thrown in too. " IF - Now Magazine Toronto Ont. Canada


Teen Crud Combo=Judgement Night Pt. 2 Matt Hutch Band -Game Set Matt-coming soon
Slit Slot -SNAKE OIL>
Slit Slot-live at the Elmocambo
Slit Slot - Slit Slot
Matt Hutch Band -live at the elmo



Artist Information/ Biography- Matt Hutch- born in Toronto General Hospital was enticed to play piano at the age of three and guitar at the age of 5 by his Musician Father. This young child prodigy spent his youth composing and exploring all genres of Music. As a teenager Matt graduated from The Humber College School of music, performing exclusively jazz. Then one hot summer night Matt Hutch burned all of his music books in a Bonfire and Made a commitment to forge on with new experimental sounds and styles. The Matt Hutch Band- driven from the ashes of Toronto punk rock kings Teen Crud Combo and the legendary Toronto Electro Punks SLIT-SLOT, Matt Hutch is back. This groundbreaking guitar player fuses old school punk style with the improvisational skills of a young Frank Zappa or Jimi Hendrix. Along with the ability to switch musical styles effortlessly on any given night. Matt Hutch will alter his sets to display his mood for the evening, Playing Reggae/soul/Punk rock/ Metal/electro/Blues or jazz. Playing his Fender Stratocaster Through giant Marshall Stacks and pounding drum machines, his guitar playing is beautiful and insane. His vocals are reminiscent of a wild animal and a velvet crooner combined. His songs are powerful and story driven. Matt Hutch refuses to let the music business continue the way it has - the future is here - Hutch will pave the way organic and electronic. The Matt Hutch band is always changing and will stop at nothing to expand the boundaries of music in there own special way. - Matt Hutch-Guitar/Vocals/programming/accordion/piano/Hammond organ/love and peace/all things CANADA¬Ö