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The Matt Ingram Band

Denton, Texas, United States | SELF

Denton, Texas, United States | SELF
Band Country Cover Band


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"Matt Ingram- Not just a pretty face…"

Matt Ingram- Not just a pretty face…

September 25, 2010

First impressions are everything and my first impression of Matt Ingram was complete shock. I met Matt at the Texas Bull in Gainesville, Texas. His smile lit up the entire room and you could tell from the sparkle in his eyes that he was proud to be a Texas musician. There is more to Matt than just the pretty smile, the sparkly eyes, and the baby-face he carries so well.

Matt was born in Nashville, Tn., near the Greenhills area. His family moved to Texas when he was about seven or eight years old. Their first stop was Abilene where he resided for about three years. After Abilene, they moved to Lubbock and little did he know this is when his love for music would start to shine. Lubbock is where he first learned to play guitar and also started his first live band. “Lubbock is really where everything got started.” But, it is not where he learned he had such a passion for music.

When Matt started playing guitar in Lubbock he sat down with mostly classical guitars. “I took lessons for about three months and my instructor was showing me all about classical guitars and how to read music. The third week I came in I told him that this stuff is great and all but show me the blues, show me the solos.” To his amazement, his instructor skipped right past the classical guitar and began teaching him the blues. “I really picked it up pretty fast and my teacher was impressed.” His teacher wanted to keep Matt on, but after three months of practicing, he was ready to move on and go play shows. “Thanks for everything and I appreciate it, but I’ll take it from here.” Not only does Matt have an amazing talent for the guitar, but he is a fantastic singer as well.

“I have been singing for as long as I can remember. Really since the first day I went to church. I would sing the hymns and listen to my dad. Everyone was always looking like they were reading the music but I doubt if they really were.” That didn’t matter to Matt, all that mattered was that he was singing and he loved it. He created a passion for the harmonies he heard. “I love the Beach Boys. First song that I learned and sat down with was Barbara Ann. When you’re like 4 or 5, that’s a good song and it’s pretty simple enough to learn.” Matt was inspired by not only singing in church but also by watching the “Grand ‘Ole Opry”. His love for music has never stopped and the most unique feature about Matt Ingram is the fact that he doesn’t have a set band.

“My band has kind of become an institution for me, a revolving door. A lot of people in my band have gone on to form their own band probably when they would’ve never done it themselves.” He encourages everybody in his band to stand on their own two feet. He wants them all to be successful. “I am not into human trafficking, I don’t own these people. I want people to do what they want to do and I want people that want to be here.” His bass player is his boss at his daytime job. If people show interest in joining his band he doesn’t discriminate. He wants to give everyone the opportunity to play with him. “If they are efficient enough, they can audition. If they work out then I’ll bring them on. Even if they need a little bit of work, I’ll teach them myself.” Matt has an open band which sets him apart from the rest. Even though his band is so diverse, they still get together and practice.

His band practice schedule fluctuates from once to twice a week. “If someone really needs the extra practice, I’ll work with them a little more one on one.” They work on perfecting their shows. Some of the songs they play are original tunes, but a lot of them are covers. “If the fans want to hear an original then sure, I am more than willing to play a few. Most of the time, fans want to hear something they can sing to, so about 90% of the songs I play at shows are covers.” When writing an original song, Matt does have a particular theme in mind.

“The beauty of hard-times and finding that beauty in poverty and hunger is really what my music represents.” Life is hard, but you always have to try to see past the hard-times and see the good and beauty life truly represents. “It’s also about finding the beauty when you feel like you don’t quite fit in. There is a certain charm to not fitting in.” Being different is not a bad thing, you must look from within to really embrace your inner-self and learn to find the beauty in all of it; different or not. “It’s about life and being curious about what is over the next horizon.” Matt has been influenced by so many great musicians.

“Being a student of music; my musical influences are endless. I am influenced by all genres.” Jazz, blues, rock are all part of his influences. He went to see B.B. King and then saw Cody Canada, Darryl Dodd, and Larry Joe Taylor. That shows you just how diverse Matt really is. His music encompasses a mixture of all genres. “I like Tex-Mex and I don’t feel that it gets recognized as much as it should. I like to write some Latin flavored songs because that is definitely a part of Texas.” He says he plays Americana, but has come up with a new way of putting it. “I feel like all of the genres I play are a part of Texas, so I should call it Texacana.” He tries to show his appreciation to all genres through his music.

Matt describes his music as being diverse. “It changes every-time. A quick answer is Texacana or Americana, blues, country, and rock.” He would like to think that his music is passionate and thought out. “It also has to be something people can dance too.” Dancing is huge in Texas and to him it has to be something people can hear and tap along with. He says he is constantly learning and playing music is an endless learning experience. The image he conveys is really a mixture.

“Sometimes I think my music can be raw. It can be positive. It runs the whole gamitt of emotions, like you would during the day.” In a span of twenty-four hours we as humans, run through so many emotions and that is the image he conveys. He sees life for what it is and that shows through his music. “We all go through a laundry list of emotions throughout the day.” It’s the way he feels at the moment he is writing his music. “A little bit of sadness but also triumph and overcoming.” After interviewing with Matt, I would have to say that life is the image he truly conveys.

His music is not all or nothing to him. “I’ve had some mentors and watched them play the same dives every week. Go play a gig and come back the same night. I can appreciate that. I realize that it’s not all or nothing, and we don’t just have to be a superstar or on billboard charts.” He says that you can make a comfortable living on various degrees of playing. Of course he would like to hit the charts, even if it is just the Texas Music Charts, but that is not what it is all about to him. “I am happy building a fan-base, playing for anybody that will listen. That’s where I get my enjoyment. Coming to a new place like this and meeting with new people like you is what makes me happy.” He says at the very least he is practicing his social skills. “Success is doing something you love.” From the smile on his face, I would definitely say that Matt is doing what he loves. Not only does Matt have a love for music, but he also has an understanding of Texas Music.

“Texas Music means pride, perseverance, and sometimes having to stand alone. It also stands for integrity.” Texas music paints the picture of a fantasy for Matt. “Texas Music is being out in the desert, being in unchartered territory, making your own. It has the outlaw lifestyle applied but it is also romantic.” Texas musicians do not follow the rules and that is what sets Texas apart from the rest. We are rebels, outlaws, but kind, compassionate and gentle. How does Texas Music Speak to Matt?

“Very loudly. That’s what I like about it. Right or wrong it’s going to stand. The heroes in Texas Music are disciples. They stand by honesty and integrity. I’d like to live up to that.”

Matt’s fans are very loyal to him. He tries to keep bring them together as often as he can. He plays for his fans, he plays because he loves it; he plays because to him that is what life is all about. Matt may not be a huge Nashville star, but he is certainly living his dreams. He has character, charisma, and a certain charm that will almost put you in a trance. His smile is captivating, he is easy to speak too, and he has such a passion for music. Matt is as real as real can be and he believes that life can be found through music. He is absolutely right.

Matt would like to take the time to thank his mother and father for standing behind him and supporting his music 100%. “They helped me get my album together and I am so grateful for that.”

Matt has an album that he usually gives to people who are interested in his music. The album is called “So Far”. The songs are all originals and include: Stoned, Hard to Believe, Rattlesnake Roadhouse, So Far, Preacher, Lonely Days and Nights, Any Old Dream, and Under the Moon. His music has been on iTunes, it is also on his website, on Myspace at, and


Album: So Far



Raised in Lubbock, Texas, Matt Ingram picked up the guitar at the early age of thirteen. The guitar caught his attention only after years of singing in church and school choirs when he formed his first band with a few class mates back in 1993. For two years the band honed their craft at the world famous original Stubb's Bar-B-Q during a weekly Thursday night gig. The first band was called Soul Kitten representing their early discovery of R&B bands like Storyville, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, and Ian Moore, setting the foundation for Matt's deep blues roots. He began writing his own songs and filling notebook after notebook with poetry. After high school, Matt Ingram formed his second major band, the Juju-Bee Jazz Co. in 1999. With his new songs, Matt took the band all the way to first place in the 2000 Fourth of July Battle of the Bands contest resulting in a spot on the main stage in front of 17,000 people. Later, he joined his guitarist from his first band to form Wild Rice but the other members were not ready to take it to the next level. Being far from any other major cities and without enough money to go on tour, Matt decided to move back to Nashville where he continued writing and performing. On one occasion, he shared the stage with bassist Victor Wooten at the historic Ryman Auditorium, where the original Grand Old Opry was once held. When he had his fill of Nashville, Matt returned to Texas but decided he would give the Dallas/ Fort Worth area a try. There he met the others who would later join Matt to help realize his vision, giving life to the music. Since his return to Texas, after searching his roots, the music has never been the same. For the last few years Matt Ingram and friends have been packing D/FW clubs with his unique blend of gritty tone, deep lyrics, and an arsenal of some of rocks greatest cover songs. Matt Ingram brings his soulful rhythms and rhymes to his audience with pure honesty and strong conviction. His sultry voice is focused to ease the souls and lift the hearts of all those who have a strong affection for great music. With a musical background of Country, Rock, Funk, Soul and Blues, he produces a steady stream of what we have come to know as true American music.