The Mattoid is amazing in any situation. Hailing from Finland, lead man Ville Kiviniemi commands an ever-roving all-star cast of support musicians. The Mattoid has many sounds and setups but the rock/performance is always steadfast and rousing. Politically/Religiously satiric, but always with taste


THE MATTOID (Ville Kiviniemi) is a traveling troubadour from Helsinki Finland. Using a rhythm he defines as "Sango", he writes songs that land somewhere in the midst of rockabilly, tango, punk, gospel, Cabaret and opera. His voice, perhaps his music's most intriguing draw, could be mistaken for Pavarotti, Tom Waits or Even Johnny Rotten.
Having cut his teeth in London underground and NYC's anti-folk scenes in the early 90's, THE MATTOID found himself in Music City, USA, during the fall of 2001. Enjoying the varied and open nature of Nashville's underground music community, THE MATTOID became a part of this very interconnected scene. 2003 he recorded his Nashville debut studio album, "HELLO" with a Nashville label Cleft Music. The record was met with much fanfare and continues to receive heavy play on Nashville radio station, WRVU. In 2004, "HELLO" was picked up by Baltimore distributor, Morphius Records, and has found its way into stores across the US and UK. Along with this distribution, THE MATTOID made his way onto the airwaves of indie and college radio over the past year, charting in the top thirty in key cities such as Boston, Austin, Atlanta, Portland OR, and many others. He has also received spins on BBC1 primetime as well as play on KCRW in LA. His follow up ep, "ETERNIFINITY," charted even higher with CMJ and garnered more good reviews, including a plug in NYC's Village Voice.

In addition to THE MATTOID's unique sound, his performance ability truly sets him apart from most artists. His creed of musician is a dying breed among the landscape of contemporary music. He has traveled across the globe, refining his ideas, almost to the point of obsession. He can play the same set to country writers, rock n rollers, hard-core enthusiasts, hillbillies, gospel singers and no telling who else but, in each case, he manages to amuse, frighten, and inspire all the same.

THE MATTOID is currently backed by a revolving cast of players from such Nashville groups as The Silver Jews, The Lone Official, Bobby Bare Jr’s Young Criminal’s Starvation League, Lambchop, Clem Snide and Ghostfinger.

places THE MATTOID has appeared in the last year:

Nashville: The Springwater Supper Club/The Slowbar, The Basement, Exit In, The End, 5 Spot, Bluebird Cafe.
Atlanta: Star Bar, Echo Lounge
Athens GA: Caledonia Lounge, WUGA's"Just Off the Radar", The Secret Squirrel, Flicker Bar

Savannah GA: The Jinx
Tallahassee FL: Beta Bar
Huntsville AL: Crossroads, Flying Monkey Arts Center
Knoxville: Pilot Light, The Corner Bar, Electric Ballroom
Memphis: Hi- Tone Cafe, Murphy's Pub
Louisville: Phoenix Hill Tavern
Chicago: Subterranean
Bloomington IN: WIUS Friday Night Live
Chapel Hill NC: Local 506
Raleigh: King's Barcade
Winston Salem NC: The Werehouse
Asheville NC: Vincent's Ear
Baltimore: Talking Head Club
New York: numerous performances at Sidewalk Cafe
New London CT: Hero's
Seattle: Tractor Tavern, The Rainbow
San Francisco: Cafe Du Nord, 12 Galaxies
Los Angeles: 14 Below
Portland: Slabtown
Oakland: Lobot Gallery
Olympia: Le Voyeur
Boise: Neurolux
Salt Lake City: Monk's
Detroit: Emerald Theatre
Milwaukee : Onopa Brewery
Las Vegas : Tommy Rocker's
Sauget, IL Pop's (w/ Doug Stanhope)
Minneapolis:Triple Rock Social Club (" )
Austin, Tx-Long Branch Inn


Hello LP (Cleft Music/Morphius Records)
Eternifinity EP (Cleft music)
Artist self releases:
The Mattoid- "Toilet"
The Mattoid- "Coffee"

Coming up:
Glory holy EP: on Tour now
Glory Holy LP: For release Fall 2007
(Infinity Cat Records)
The Mattoid and Sunflower do the classics
(Cover song album) 2006 release

Set List

typical set length: 30-60 mins depending on bill

Shiny Woman
Slacker's Pain
Heavenly Blues
Funeral Party
Crazy Mother
Could You Please?
Party Time
Eagle Hi
Little Surfer

America, Simon and Garfunkel
Hello, Lionel Richie (rock version)
Dancing Queen, ABBA
The Heart Will Go On, Celine Dion (for that very deserving audience)
Eleanor Rigby- The Beatles
I'm So Excited- The Pointer Sisters
Never Gonna Give You Up- Rick Ashley