The Matt Sams Band

The Matt Sams Band

 Satellite Beach, Florida, USA

My guitar doesn't weep, it cries like a banshee who has been gutted by a rusty, my mom thinks I'm dressed pretty snazzy up on stage!


Back in 2000, a bold new blues group based out of Cocoa took Brevard's live music scene by storm. Co-founded by celebrated guitar whiz, Matt Sams, The Syndicators became wildly popular throughout Central Florida. Although they broke up in 2005, after an impressive five year run, The Matt Sams Band has risen from the ashes.

Led by the dynamic Sams on guitar and vocals, this amazing new act also includes Joe Luley on drums and vocals and bassist, Curt Austin

Joe Luley has been with Matt since the Syndicators' days. He is best known for his time as a "Wino for Peace", with the late blues great, Stephen Allen Miller. Joe is the backbone--and backbeat--of the Matt Sams Band. Whether driving the band into uncharted territory, or keeping the guys locked into a tight groove that the audience can't help but dance to, Joe is one funky white dude.

Curt takes the bass guitar to a new level. Being as versatile as he is, he can lock in the groove or stroll off on the funkiest solo. Curt makes the bass exciting, and throws in some mighty fine vocals, as an added bonus. Moving to Brevard County with the “Spliff Brothers” Reggae Band, over twenty years ago, Curt also performed with such popular local acts as the “Bone Tones”, the “Land Sharks” and the “Puzzlers”.

The members of The Matt Sams Band have shared the stage with such legendary performers as:

Dennis Edwards and The Temptations Review
W.C. Handy Award Winner - Bob Stroeger
Willie "Big Eyes" Smith
Kenny "Beady Eyes" Smith
Sunny Paxon
Iowa Blues Hall of Fame Inductee - Stephen A. Miller
"Chicago" Dave Reilly
Ernie Lancaster
Mark & Lynn Korpi
Heart Attack Diner
Pitch Blue Jam
The Hooligan of Prose


Live at Lou's Blues

Live CD from the 3rd Annual Stephen Miller Blues Festival. Recorded at Lou's Blues in Indian Harbor Beach, FL. August 2005.

Single: The Grass is Always Greener:
Produced by Tony Smith. (Tony Smith is a talented keyboard player/programmer/producer who first worked in Nashville with Lee Greenwood as musical director and keyboard player. In 1989, he relocated to Los Angeles and spent seven years working with Pop Super-Producer David Foster as a programmer, writer, vocalist, and keyboard player on projects with artists Barbara Streisand, Lionel Richie, Whitney Houston, Johnny Mathis, Bee Bee and Cee Cee Wynans, Gerald Levert, Chicago, Dolly Parton, All4One and Carole King, just to name a few.)

Single: I Don't Want You:
Also produced by Tony Smith, as part of a 4-song EP, this Matt Sams original will remind you of a great Johnny Winter tune.

Single: Facebook (Mobile)
Another tune produced by Tony Smith, this funky, funny, timely tune (co-written with The Hooligan of Prose) is sure to get you dancing, laughing, and Mark Zuckerburg suing.

Single: Voodoo Highway
Tony Smith produced this Badlands' cover tune. As usual, Matt & the boys put their unique zeitgeist & spin on it, resulting in a live-show favorite, and something to put into your Ipod rotation ASAP!

Set List

The number of sets and length of sets will vary depending on the requirements of the venue. Typically, the band will play three 60 minute sets.

Songs may include many of the following, but vary from night to night depending on the venue and audience. In addition, the set list will evolve as additional material is added to the repertoire.

Song Title Artist
1 Diminished Capacity The Matt Sams Band
2 One From Column A The Matt Sams Band
3 Ain't Nuthin but a "D" Thang The Matt Sams Band
4 The Grass is Always Greener ... The Matt Sams Band
5 Get Your Raggedy A$$ Out My Door The Matt Sams Band
6 Fly Your Freak Flag High The Matt Sams Band
7 Better Off Dead The Matt Sams Band
8 New Riviera Stephen A Miller
9 Pipeliner Stephen A Miller
10 Got Frus