The Matt Truman Ego Trip

The Matt Truman Ego Trip

 Bowling Green, Ohio, USA

Rock, Pop, Slop, whatever you wanna call it. Doesn't really matter to the Matt Truman Ego Trip. They just write all of your favorite songs. A bit of humor, some insight, dramatic flair, sometimes excess volume. The momentum is not letting up anytime soon.


The Matt Truman Ego Trip delivers one of the most exciting live shows since Elvis left the building. They've been compared to everyone at some point including the Stones & Stooges, The MC5 & Cheap Trick. Their tight & catchy sound has been described as "infectious and lyrically burning rock". So where do they fit in the current paradigm of musical category?
"We're not 'retro'," says band leader Matt Truman, "and we aren't 'post' anything or whatever terms the industry wants to throw around these days. We are Rock and Roll here and now".

You've seen em live at CMJ in NYC, NxNE in Toronto & the MidPoint Music Festival in Cincinnati
They're Grand prize winners of's music contest.

Matt Truman is a featured artist for Reverend Guitars along side Ron Asheton (Stooges), Reeves Gabrels (David Bowie), Jack White (White Stripes), Brad Whitford (Aerosmith) Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins), Dan Auerbach (the Black Keys), Curt Kirkwood (Meat Puppets), Marc Ford (Black Crowes), and a slew of other guitar luminaries

The Matt Truman Ego Trip has appeared in CMJ New Music Monthly & URB magazine as well as featured spotlights on various websites (including Sonicbids and I Am Sonicbids)


Industry Standard

Written By: Matt Truman

Faced with a challenge, Baby I'll Blow it
I could sing you a song but you already know it
And you know it's OK if you think it's a shame
Because the record company buys my cocaine
The ladies of the 80s have been treating me fine
so I don't really care if I'm a few years behind
I'll strut in the studio without an idea
I'm living on royalty checks from Korea...
Snort it or shoot it or smoke it or lick it
a blowjob backstage babe I'll buy you a ticket
you could rock it & roll it or twist & shout
but I just hope to make a million before my teeth fall out...

Toni Wants to Fight

Written By: Matt Truman

Baby Where you get them jeans?
You 'bout to bust 'em all out at the seams
I can tell you like to keep it clean
but you ain't know about no ways & means
One of these days the kid's gonna do it
Kick you where it counts & then put you through it
Toni wants to fight in Belfast

Baby best to watch her back
when all the jealous ones are set to attack
No body tied her body to the track
you'd all be lying face down with a heart attack

Baby needs a ride to Memphis
And she don't even know where that is
Oh My God!


Written By: Matt Truman

I told ya 'bout GBV
Stiv Bators & the Hunk o' the Cheese
Samantha died from a cobra, green
Pere Ubu, don't know what it mean

The Rock & Roll Hall of fame
I went there, it was kinda lame
but I tell ya I'll be doin' the same
World 'round you'll be hearin' my name

Ohio! Ohio!
gonna smash yr face
c'mon get outta the way

Ain't gotta move to NYC
Wood County is the place to be
L.A. too far away
There's rusty water here, but it's OK

So I joined this crappy band
If you don't like us then you don't understand
Nobody came to our show last night
But I met a chick who looked like Chrissie Hynde

Ohio! Ohio!
Gonna smash yr face
C'mon get outta the way

Ohio! Ohio!
Cincinnasty's gotta be the place
C'mon, C'mon d'ya hear what I say?

(More name droppin/shout out section)
Pete Rose, Woody Hayes, Kim Deal, The Wright Brothers & Devo, John Glenn, & Paul Newman!!!!!!!

Ruin my Life

Written By: Matt Truman

i can't wait for Friday night
so i can go out on the weekend & ruin my life
i'm gonna drink & drive & crash my car
i'll tell the policeman that i'm a star

i can't wait for Saturday
so i can buy a couple hookers & a bunch o' cocaine
i'm gonna pull my pants down in da club
i'll eat a fist full o' pills & drown in the tub

baby,baby,baby, won't u get up n dance
we gonna rock u so hard leave a load in yr pants
peel the face off of yr skull
kick u in the teeth & rip off yr balls

cuz u & me are birds of a feather
we only like the bands who worship the devil
u like 2 drink the blood of the goat, i can tell
so take my hand let me lead you down to hell

Wax Wings

Written By: Matt Truman

Destintation: Heart of the sun
Equipment: Wax Wings
You've heard it before, now hear it some more
Mountain side the ocean below
I know it's stupid
But what can I do? I'm following you
5-4-3-2-wait a sec!
kiss me before you forget
wingspan proud, equipment check
shake the hands take a deep breath

We leave the Earth & take to the sky
looks like we'll make it
with cheers down below “look at them go”
hand in hand & higher than high
atmosphere- Bye-bye
holding our breath I hope we don't wreck
“it will never work,” they said, “one false move
they'll both be dead”
Bah! those stupid hominids
something's burning straight ahead

Over before it's begun
seems as though our journey is done
at least I'm not the only one
with wax wings melting in the sun.

Heavy Sugar

Written By: Matt Truman

Get up off your prayer bones
singin' “hail to the president”
honey, poke your heels into your heat makin' skirt
there's a lottta heavy sugar comin in tonight
and I don't think that Jesus needs to see all the what, honey, that we'll be doin'
have a belt a gin practice up your toothy grin
cuz if we gotta burn it down by God we're gonna burn it down!

We get to the tonk
they're doin' strictly union baby, i bet they play your mother's favorite song
I saw that heap o' jack comin in the door & you said he's just your sin hound
I fingered up my onion peeler
you're all awash & we're south of the slot
we're gonna need another plan!

It was all just orphan paper when I finally stuck it in
looks like the reverend he'd been stealin from the church
well, they knew my drape so it didn't matter when they sent the dragnet
I was burnin' with a low blue flame
well, they grabbed me off the barstool had they're silver bracelets
said I'd prob'ly do a nickel since he didn't die

Straight from the fridge, dad.


"Everybody's Got One" LP available world wide through all online services
"Ice Cream Novelties" LP limited edition CD available at shows. Singles available as streams online
"Drama Club" EP currently out of print

Compilations include:
"Nowhere At All" 2011 - get your free download @
"CMJ New Music Monthly: Vol. 151"
"Best of Ourstage: Vol. 1"
"MPMF 2008: Artist Compilation"
"Little Steven's Wicked Cool Records Presents: Goldie's Garage"

Request The Matt Truman Ego Trip on Little Steven's Underground Garage Sirius XM Radio Channel 25

Set List

The Matt Truman Ego Trip typically play 35 - 45 minute sets of Original Music but can play 2 hour sets if need be.

Set list includes:
Industry Standard
Ruin My Life
Are You Gonna Hit Me?
I'm from the Future
Top 40 Japan
Toni wants to Fight
I Don't want to Grow Up
4 Hands 2 Holes
Wax Wings
Dance in the Turn Around
Total Disaster
We're so Behind the Times
Only A**Holes play Rock & Roll
Cowboy & the Dinosaur
Small Town Blue
Toni Wants to Fight
Heavy Sugar
I Don't Wanna be your Man
Suicidal Baby
I Don't Want Anymore
Wore out Your Welcome
Stay Awake
Neon Leather
Camaro Breath
Cause & Effect
Pink Lipstick/Ball & Chain
Is it My Body?/ Raped & Freezin' (Alice Cooper)
Blow You a Kiss in the Wind (Boyce & Hart)
Bubble Gum Factory (Redd Kross)