The Maw

The Maw

 Des Moines, Iowa, USA

Imagine being crushed inside the subconscious mind between the walls of psychotic and genius... The Maw's music is a transcendental jet-flash of the human spirt at the most primitive and feral level.


Based out of Des Moines, Iowa, The Maw are the epitome of the phrase "beyond description". With flashes of melodic hardcore, subtle psychosis, and teeth shattering rock and roll, these guys skirt around the edges of so many genres that it's impossible to label them as one.

The Maw's music is a journey... An intellectual and spiritual one... But like being a kid again in the back seat of your father's sedan on a Sunday afternoon, you have no way of knowing what your eventual destination will be.

Erik Brown (Lead vox, Keyboards, Trumpet) started playing trumpet at the age of 11 in Georgia. He attended Davidson Fine Arts where he competed yearly in County, District, and All State competitions, including jazz bands, orchestras, and wind ensembles. He took first chair in every competition and band from 6th grade through his high school graduation. He attended University of Northern Colorado while they were ranked the #2 jazz school in the nation - and learned a "ton" from some renowned cats. He's played in 6 local bands, sat in with hundreds including Maynard Ferguson, Bill Watris, and the Army Jazz Knights. He plays a Jupiter interchangeable bell trumpet and it has been his weapon of choice for 15 years. He is also highly skilled on the piano, and takes up the lead vox chores with the band.

Erik says of his work with the Maw: "This is by far the most talented and broad project I have ever worked in - and that's why we call it Home!"

Forrest Lonefight (Guitars): I started playing guitar at 7 years of age. A Stella Harmony Acoustic was always in the living room. In those years, I lived with my grandparents. My Grandpa sang in a native drum group in his youth and was a preacher and writer, my Grandma sang, played piano, and was a master storyteller.

I let go of the guitar when I discovered the NES. A beneficial thing in hindsight because my ear was trained by these beautifully constructed and intricate sounds set to fantastic images before I even discovered rock...but I rediscovered the guitar at age 11 when I saw James Hetfield do the chugging at the end of the "One" video...I was hooked.

Since then, throughout my teenage years I've played relentlessly and have tried to start bands with schoolmates and other local talent. After years of trying to start a real band, I finally got one called: Inhale The Ellipses.

Circa 2001-2004...We've played countless shows and opened for numerous national acts. Superjoint Ritual, Dog Fashion Disco, Motograter, name a few (which are now defunct or irrelevant) and such luminaries such as Hatebreed, Cephalic Carnage, and the almighty Slayer.

After Inhale The Ellipses folded, then came a band called:...And God Blessed Ignorance. A floundering, but resilient and talented band that played multiple shows that displayed the irreplaceable chemistry of myself and drummer Alan Domer.

That chemistry made itself known to accomplished musicians like Joe Antelman, whom joined in on bass...circa 2009. After writing some of the greatest songs this collective has written in previous groups; Erik Brown entered the scene...

Alan Domer (Drums), like Erik was born in the music-rich south. Alan was born in Chatanooga Tennessee and grew up in his parent's fundamental influence and didn't buy his first rock and roll record until he was 13, .when he purchased Led Zep's Houses of the Holy while on a boy scout trip to New Mexico. He fell in love with Led Zeppelin, and oddly, it was Jimmy Page's guitar playing that enamored him more so than Bonham's drumming. Later, he learned to love and appreciate how Bonham made Page sound...that fateful boy scout trip...we were at a trading post one afternoon, and a few of the guys went into the trading post to buy these leather contraptions with a handle, and two leather straps with a ball at each end... The object being to manipulate the handle up and down, causing the balls to strike at the top and bottom of the created arc. Fights soon arose as to who had the highest count. All the while, Alan was playing horseshoes, oblivious, he thought. But without even realizing that he was doing it he was able to count in groups of 4, 6, and 8 how many times the guys were able to keep the device going.

"It wasn't until later in life that I would look back to this moment as the realization of my talent," he said.

In those adolescent years Alan continued to listen to Led Zeppelin, and discovered Rush and Neil Peart. He also listened to music from many other genres, drawing on the music itself, not necessarily keying in on just the drumming. Since then, as an adult, he lists Danny Carey of TOOL as his major drumming influence.

Upon moving to Iowa as a young adult he became obsessed with learning from drumming books. He met Josh Laville, the bassist for the disbanded Inhale the Ellipses and set up an audition with the remaining members. The audition went well. They formed ...And God Blessed Ignorance, and played togeth


To Close Third Eyes

Written By: Erik Brown, Forrest Lonefight, Joseph Antelman

Cobblestones and crimson stains
flowing with the water that
bleeds down into the cups
we drink to close third eyes

Do you feel guilty that the
eyes of your Fathers
wept down into the things
we pass down in time

Wash away... all the pain
Forgetful minds... are bound to stay
Behind locked doors... shadows serve
You the gift of third eye

Laughter of Children
heard above the
echoes of insanity that ring
down through time

Cobblestones and crimson stains
flowing with the water that
bleeds down into the cups
we drink to close third eyes

Wash away... all the pain

Forgetful minds... are bound to stay
Behind locked doors... shadows serve
You the gift of third eye


Written By: Forrest Lonefight, Erik Brown

Push me in and
Pull me out
Just won't smile
I only frown
Look for the bottom that just fell out
We've come full circle and
Spiraled Down

The Earth will shake and
Spit us out
We wear the crowns of
Shame and doubt
Look for completion... it's coming around
The seeds we planted on
Solid Ground

...and on the seventh day...

Footprints in the sand
Leaving now
Been dripping blood and
Sweat on my brow
To the Sea with arms thrown out
Waves of the end the
Only Sound

Leave at dusk
Arrive at dawn
Slaves to the stone
But now it's gone
The jaded sun will bleach our bones
A day of rest has
Finally Come

...and on the seventh day...

Drink on Dreamers
You're running dry
Suffocation was your way...

Home... take me home
Once again... once again
Home... take me home
Once again


1937 (Released Dec. 22nd, 2010, available on I-Tunes)

Chora (7:43)
To Close Third Eyes (5:37)
Call To Arms (11:47)
Will To Power (7:53)
7 (16:42)

Set List

To Close Third Eyes
Call to Arms
Will to Power
A Tides Woe
Shark Attack
The Bends
Buddy System