The Mayan Factor

The Mayan Factor


The Mayan Factor gives us a glimpse into another reality, a glimpse into the truth. Free your mind! Wake Up! The Mayan Factor! A breath of fresh air on the polluted wind. Harbinger of the hurricane, the whirlwind of rectification - Experience The Mayan Factor


The Mayan Factor is a singer songwriters band that has the ability to come crashing down with heavy guitars or be as light as a whisper. Reviewers have compared the band to Tool, Dredg, Pink Floyd, Nirvanna, etc. Each show is different. Its all about the vibe.


"In lake 'ch" our first full length was released in June of 2003. Next album due out in Sept 04

Set List

Although the band is somewhat new, we have written many songs. An hour set is about 10 songs. We have a collection of 30+ and we do jam! making up rhythems and beats to suck the crowd in.