Mayan Fox

Mayan Fox

 Gold Coast, Queensland, AUS

Mayan Fox music consists of hooking melodies, rich harmonies, playful lyricism and bouncing grooves. Their live show is a high energy affair that spills out on to the dance floor and has the audience getting off their seats and joining in on the fun!


Mayan Fox Biography

Q. What is Mayan Fox music?

A. Mayan Fox music is Exotic Pop.

Mayan Fox music is Bouncing Grooves, Obese Harmonies, Hook-heavy Melodies, Witty Lyricism and Abundance of Good Time Vibes.

While headlining stadium sized gigs may be every bands dream, Mayan Fox understand that the closest step to such a thing is supporting massive bands that are already headlining stadium-sized gigs.

This is the stage of their career where the 5 piece exotic fun makers find themselves at the moment. Mayan Fox have recently supported Thirsty Merc, Stan Walker, Jet and Powderfinger and also have in their history of bands supported and/or performed with, Tame Impala, Spacifix, Brian Cadd and more.

Mayan Fox have recently returned from an international tour of Canada which included a showcase at NXNE in Toronto.

Mayan Fox have also recently returned from a tour of New Zealand on the back of their debut album ‘Outfoxed’ which is selling fast and receiving rave reviews for it’s fresh and hooking melodies. The album was produced by Mayan Fox and Govinda Doyle, (Angus and Julia Stone’s ‘Big Jet Plane’).

Their new EP will be out early 2013 which will fuel a whole new line of tours and shows for the band.

Mayan Fox are known for their highly charged live show and front man Nate Hamon was recently quoted in Tsunami magazine as saying;

“Anyone that sees us live can tell that we’re having a lot of fun and it consequently allows the audience to lose their inhibitions and get a little crazy. The audience sees us doing our daggy dance moves and think, “why not” and suddenly we have a room full of daggy dancers!”

The Mayan Fox line-up is completed by Maria Hamon on ukulele and keys, Tai Shan Fox on bass and Vincent Tong on drums.

We LOVED having you on the road with us!
-Thirsty Merc

The entertainment was high quality with… MAYAN FOX the stand out
-Jo Pratt, Festival Organiser

I haven't been this IMPRESSED with a band for a long time
-Andy Clark, Old School Management

You gave me CHILLS!
-Stacey Milner, Coast FM, Gold Coast

You guys are FREAKIN' AWESOME!
-Hayden, Hot 91.1, Sunshine Coast

Best live performance I've seen in a long time. Usually if you can get this town nodding their heads you're doing well. You had them dancing!
-NZ Live Music Venue Operator (City Showcase)


Every Day

Written By: Nate Hamon

Slightly hip yet slightly naff, make the angry people laugh
We run, we play, we float away
Feel the mighty river blood, sun it gently kisses us
We shape the clouds we breathe the summer bliss

Love Every Day

I don’t care if it’s a dream, it’s better than reality
If what is taught, would steal our youth.
May we sing and may we dance, may we keep our innocence
The stars displayed, beckoning us to stay


Written By: Nate Hamon

Solitary girl I wondered how I could lose
So impatiently I waited, I didn’t understand the physics of the woo.
To hunt down what was painfully abundant
Still my empty arms to my pride they owed
So we raised our vessels skyward
And to my lips, I found them bare and cold
Oh and I fold, and I fold.

Hold on Baby this is only the beginning Ah ha,
Hold on Baby we’re about to smash the world

Solitary Boy I thought about it and I lived life alone
But in finding me you turned my lonely house into a home
All that I had was nothing less than I would give away for you
All that I have is standing and it is right here in my view
Oh and I do, and I do.

Hold on Baby this is only the beginning Ah ha,
Hold on Baby we’re about to smash the world


Written By: Nathan Hamon

Other day I was sitting around sitting by the fire
Threw on a few old dry logs
a couple of all tyres
Then I gets to thinking
getting high on burning rubber
You're my extra element
You're my hubba bubba girl

Quieres ser mi tierra
Quieres ser mi viento
Quieres ser mi fuego
Ser mi shoo b doo
be my shoo b doo

Sitting on a merry-go-round
my head it starts a-spinning
Then I see you in my mind
my mouth it starts a-grinning
Then I gets to thinking
there'll never be another
Coz you're my extra element
you're my hubba bubba girl


Other day I was running around feeling kind of hyper
Somebody must have given me red cordial and sugar
Then I gets to thinking there'll never be another
Coz you're my extra element
You're my hubba bubba girl



New Mayan Fox Album out early 2013.

Full length Album - 'Outfoxed' out NOW!

Year of the Mayan Fox E.P. - Hardcopy SOLD OUT

Singles (from Outfoxed album) - Waiting and Lioness (I Still Want Her) are currently receiving and have received airplay on various stations. Including but not limited to: 90.9 Sea FM (Gold Coast), 91.7 Coast FM, Hot 91.1 Sunshine Coast, 101 FM Logan, Aggie Radio (USA), Hamilton Radio (NZ), 4ZZZ (Brisbane)

Current single (non-album) 'Drugovision' reached Number 5 on the Triple J Unearthed Roots Charts.

New single 'Feed the Fire' is currently being mastered and prepared for release.

Set List

Original Songs (may play all or in different combinations depending on the time we are allotted.):
Tetris Instrumental
Patriots and Gypsies
Pachabel's Fire
These Shores
Every Day
La Mosca
Lioness (I Still Want Her)
Rhythm Man
Left to Live
Lying on the Floor