The Mayapuris

The Mayapuris

 Alachua, Florida, USA

The Mayapuris - a beat-driven band breathing fresh, vibrant life into a sacred 5,000-year-old musical tradition. Preservation plus Innovation! Get ready to dance!


500 years ago, a tradition of sacred music broke out of the strict confines of Indian temples and danced onto the streets of the revered city of Mayapur. Today, The Mayapuris, a fresh vibrant band of dancers and drummers, continue that revolution by invigorating mantras and songs of old with their own global experiences.

They weave dance, spoken word, and irresistible rhythm into their shows creating an incredible impression on audiences. Fans of all genres of music love what they do. Their sound is an ecstasy booster, a party, a musical bridge between everyday life and something greater.

Their debut album, Mridanga, soars with fiery vocals, earth-shaking rhythms and enchanting musical flavor. Named after a traditional clay and leather drum from India this album exemplifies the musical versatility and virtuosity of The Mayapuris. Special guests include Grammy-nominated Jai Uttal, Gaura Vani & As Kindred Spirits, and Benjy Wertheimer of Shantala.

Their album was a Top Feature on iTunes World Music Chart:

Rapidly ascending as one of the most popular kirtan/chant groups in the world, The Mayapuris have performed in diverse venues, from the inauguration-inspired Chant4Change event, to Bhakti Fest, to Beloved Festival, to Burning Man to Wanderlust. In just the past year they have played on stages on 6 continents. The Mayapuris are always eager to elate crowds with pulse-surging music as they roll along to the thunder of the mridanga drum.

See The Mayapuris’ drumming in action:

The Mayapuris 2011 Tour Teaser Video:

"The Mayapuris are the young tigers of Kirtan [their style of music]. Their powerful and extremely moving music instantly transports me." – Jai Uttal (Grammy-nominated Musician)

“The Mayapuris are rocking the globe with their transforming rhythms of love. I feel blessed when they can join me on the road or at home for they elevate the energy herever they go.” - Shiva Rea (World-renowned Yoga Master and Trance Dance Innovator)

"The Mayapuris are shaking up the western world with their thunderous Mridanga drums! Their lively performance is making huge waves in the American yoga scene and beyond." - MC Yogi

"Singing with the Mayapuris awakens an urgency in me. It feels like our 5000-year old Kirtan tradition has been reinvented by these young, passionate, and beautiful artists. Explosive. Quixotic. Stunning." – Gaura Vani (Gaura Vani & As Kindred Spirits)

“They’ve touched me deeply, and they’ll do the same for you. Once you experience the magestic magic of The Mayapuris you’ll never, EVER forget it." – C.C. White

In June 2009, The Mayapuris signed with Mantralogy - sub-label to admired punk label, Equal Vision Records.


Mridanga - June 2010 by Mantralogy (Distributed by ADA)

Set List

Enough Traditional and Original Music and Dance for a 3 hour set.