The May Birds

The May Birds


The May Birds music has been described by listeners as distinctive and heart breaking.Audiences at our live shows have said things like, it was sublime, unique and transporting. Imaginative,sensitive arrangements composed of guitar,cello and piano, soaring harmonies and beautiful story telling.


The May Birds began with the Ella and Alice, the guitarist and singer. We always knew what kind of music we wanted to make and although we loved the simplicity of just guitar and vocals we wanted to bring more depth and texture to the songs. So we found Camilla the pianist and then Charlotte the cellist. We've spent the last 9 months writing recording and are now beginning to play more live. We played at a club in Soho called Blacks and have been invited back to play on a regular basis. It's a perfect for us as it's a drawing room in an old house with a fire and we play un amplified with the audience really close. I think a few things set us apart. The combination of instruments is unusual and the musical influences of each band member are very varied. The guitarists style has a lot of folk influences, the pianist and cellist have a more classical background and the singer is influenced by folk but also blues and soul. This all makes for a very distinctive sound. I also think the stories in the songs are relatable but they aren't told in a way that's predictable or cliche. One person who listened to our new demo said she felt like these were the songs she's been waiting to hear her whole life :). Here's a link to us playing on Balcony TV:

Set List

Wait for me
The fire is out
The cryer
Small Home
The lock
Blossom tree's
I want the waves
This boy
Bed becomes the earth