The Mayflies

The Mayflies

 Iowa City, Iowa, USA

Original rock, with elements of bluegrass, honky tonk, blues, psychedelia, and just about any American roots music you can think of. Tremendous songwriting, agile and impressive musicianship, dynamic and engaging live shows; this is just some of what makes The Mayflies a stand-out musical force.


The Mayflies are a party— a delightful mess, a crazed amalgam. Electric and acoustic, fast and slow, a bewildering explosion of hectic elation and angry loss. They’re the rock end of roots and the country end of rock, and as such, they’'re hard to describe, but impossible to forget.

The Mayflies are a band you walk away from after a single hearing, humming the chorus and wondering, “I could swear I’ve heard that somewhere before…”.

In infinite ways, The Mayflies jump and race, slow and sway. They never stand still. And although their music is unquestionably Americana distinctly Midwestern mix of blues and country guitar, folk and rock lyrics, fiddle and mandolin The Mayflies are also a firm bridge to that rabid universe of live music, that head-bobbing, crowd-shouting, young and wild world of jam and jazz.

They Mayflies allow themselves to improvise, but as fiercely talented, serious musicians, they never lose themselves, or their songs, in that experience. With the nuanced, livid, jazz drumming of James Robinson, and the undeniable backbone that is Dave Lumberg on bass, The Mayflies translate as few jam bands can, from the live stage to a tight studio recording. 

What ties it all together, what unifies their songs and their sounds— is a quality of movement. Movement in Stacy Webster’s' frenzied sweat-flinging guitar that owes as much allegiance to Django Reinhardt and Willie Nelson as it does to Jerry Garcia. Movement in the veteran pedal steel work of Marty Letz, the fluid dawgish mandolin picking of Benj Upchurch and the edgy rock/jazz/classical violin chops of Natalie Brown.

Live, their songs never allow themselves to be untethered. They don’t noodle or wander too far. They come back, always, to their lyrics, their melodies, their roots. Artful and purposeful, devoted to storytelling and tradition, with a clear sense of pathos and place, The Mayflies take jam rock to the edge of energy. Then they pull back a little, to leave a listener wanting more.

Noteable acts with whom The Mayflies have shared the stage; The Henhouse Prowlers, Cornmeal, 38 Special, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Banyan, Alejandro Escovedo, The Greencards, Asleep at the Wheel, Robbie Fulks, Vince Herman, North Indiana Allstars, Hot Buttered Rum, Bill Nershi of String Cheese......



Written By: P. Bloom

Petaluma you're my favorite queen
Yer half as tall and yer twice as mean
But I don't mind cuz it's summetime and we're intertwined
Petaluma you are on my mind

Petaluma you're a tire guage, you are half my size and yer twice my age
But I don't mind if you're Frankenstien cuz you look divine
Petaluma you are on my mind

Petaluma, hallelujah
drink her in a drop will do ya
Petaluma stomp right through yeah watch your feet and hide your shoes
nothing that they say is true...Petaluma I love you.

Petaluma you're a juggernaut
you're a quarter dropped in a penny slot
when you grab my thigh, you send me high as an astronaut.
Petaluma you ain't what I thought.

Chorus again


"Saturday Afternoon Girl"- 2011 (Mud Dauber Records)

"A Thousand Small Things" -2009 (MudDauber Records)

"Jerusalem Ridge"- 2007

"Hot Unsigned (and unsung) Americana Compilation"- Catamount Records

"Americana Gothic"- Feral Dachsund

"Sycamore Tree"- Feral Dachsund

Set List

Having performed together for seven years, we have a large body of material, and often play 3 or 4 sets of 50 minutes each. A typical night for us is 95% original music with a few choice covers thrown in, but we can tailor our sets for the venue, and play popular music from many genres.