The Maynards

The Maynards


Surely if one could distill the sound that happens between love and heartbreak, high school and home ownership, victory and loss, would it not sound like dancing? It's hard being a party rock band, because sometimes it is hard to party. But we must. We must persevere friends, we simply must.


Just as the dance floors began to clear and the damage from 2005's Break Out The Make Out had been assessed, The Maynards have returned with their latest collection of party rock anthems. With crashing beats, gritty guitars and tales of weak knees and cold hearts, Date and Destroy is not just and invitation, it's an instigation.

Starting in 1999 as an outlet for Heath Matheson (vocals, guitar), Kristina Parlee (vocals, bass) and Chantal Tardiff's (vocals, drums) mutual fascination with science fiction and dancing, the bands' formative years were spent pushing a decidedly lo-fi yet high-octane brand of rock 'n roll all over Halifax. This period saw the group produce three acclaimed EPs as well as their debut LP, The Maynards Stole Your Lunch Money.

In 2005, The Maynards returned with their sophomore full length, Break Out the Make Out. Turning teen angst into rock anthems and sci-fi fandom into dance hits, the album quickly rose to sit in the top 10 of Earshot National Campus Charts. Exclaim! said of the band "What's not to like about the Maynards? Their snappy-but-scrappy take on nouveau garage pop is all about clever jabs and cynicisms, and their new disc is a slightly flirtatious, mostly friendly smack in the face."

On Date and Destroy, the band returns with eleven tales of romantic casualty. Leading off with the careful footing of "Spinny", the album offers a deceitfully sweet opener for a set of songs that deliver a slash and burn approach to garage rock. From the title track's echoing drums to "Mine Got Dirty's" manic guitar work, the disc writhes in raw energy. While incanting artists such as The Sonics and Screaming Jay Hawkins, The Maynards make it clear that in their eyes, the only good heart is a broken one.


Date And Destroy, 2008
Break Out the Make Out, 2005
Octoberfest EP, 2003
The Maynards Stole Your Lunch Money, 2003
Radio Sweethearts EP, 2002
Sweethearts of the Science Fair EP, 2001