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Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | INDIE

Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2011
Band Rock Alternative




"Heading For The Harrows Review"

...with foot-stomping audacity and equally confident shuns of subtlety, Them Bruins provide a fitting argument that late-night regrets are merely ephemeral moments. "Heading For The Harrows" is a blisteringly confident strike from the up-and-coming Melbourne band, providing the scale of stadiums and the staunch sprit of a sweatbox basement club. Hard to remember a local band matching such unhinged ferocity with such pop slickness. - Rolling Stone

"Heading For The Harrows Review"

Melbourne boys Them Bruins have released a cracking new single ‘Heading For The Harrows’ and if we wouldn’t annoy the whole office doing so, we’d be cranking it out of the speakers right now.

Them Bruins released their debut EP back in 2012 but since then have been a little off the radar. It wasn’t until 2014 that they bunkered down and got stuck into writing new material. In comes ‘Heading For The Harrows’.

The opening of the single hits you like a slap in the face, but the nice kind of slap…if there is one. It dives straight into heavy bass drum and reverberating symbols, giving it a tight punk-rock vibe, although the two are somewhat contradictory.

Their sound has been compared to Muse and you can definitely see why in this song. The high pitched vocals pierce through the dense sound of the track and are very reminiscent of Matt Bellamy’s voice, Muse’s front-man. But where Them Bruins differ from Muse is in their grittiness, the kind of grittiness that is more endearing than Muse’s over-produced, studio hits.

The sound of feedback gives the song a garage grunge feel, an all-encompassing sound that you can see rattling the roller door and really pissing off the neighbours. The high-energy track is a very confident offering from the group, with seamless use of harmonies, echo, tight riffs, and changes in tempo.

Do yourself a favour and get an earful of ‘Heading For The Harrows’ and turn it up loud. - AAA Backstage

"Interview -"


Rowdy Melbourne-based four-piece Them Bruins have been storming 2015 with the release of ‘Walk A Line’, the first taste of their upcoming debut. Chloe Keung caught up with the band to talk tunes, bears in tutus and Bill Murray’s loungeroom: -

"Walk a Line - Record of the Day"

I was into it from the start – the fuzzed out bass, the karate chop drums, the distorted baritone, the knife edge guitar – and then when I wasn’t ready, the hook hit me with a drop kick.

Walk a Line is the new single from Them Bruins – an apt name for sure, as their sound is menacing and ferocious and this song is the bastard child of a shotgun marriage between Bloc Party and Eagles of Death Metal. It will sit on your chest until you can’t breathe.

Them Bruins were formed in Melbourne, Australia in late 2011, released a debut EP in 2012 – and then hibernated away in the studio this past fall only to awake with an album in the bag and a hunger in the belly.

We hope to hear more soon. -

"Walk a Line review - Semplesize"

Bruin: a folk term used to describe a brown bear which has been adopted as the mascot of the Boston NHL team and all sports teams representing the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Interestingly enough California is one of several states in the US to have radio stations spinning the latest single Walk A Line from Melbourne rockers Them Bruins. -

"Weekend Showcase -"

“Walk a Line” is the buzzing garage-rock single from Melbourne quartet, Them Bruins. Their self-titled EP is filled with three other, catchy, indie-rock tunes that will make you recall the late ’90s and early 2000s. For the heck of it, we’ve included the other three tracks below for your listening pleasure. -

"Walk a Line review -"

Them Bruins is weer zo’n band die IndieXL voor je heeft ontdekt en die je nog nergens anders hoort. Them Bruins is een band uit Melbourne, Australië die met aanstekelijke Indie Rock het thuisland al heeft veroverd. Them Bruins is, zoals de band zelf zegt: 4 dudes playing black psychedelic ska doom pop metal from hell… In 2014 verscheen de eerste EP met daarop de eerste singles Black Widow en Outrun the future. De volgende single Barrenlands werd in de zomer van 2014 een nummer 1hit in de Free40 en eindigde in het Free100 jaaroverzicht op nummer 25 met deze geweldige song. De band is niet op haar lauweren gaan rusten. Er is hard gewerkt aan het eerste volwaardige album dat in 2015 gaat verschijnen. De eerste single Walk A Line belooft veel goeds. De band is met een tournee bezig door Australië. Wij hopen dat de band ook snel naar Nederland komt voor een optreden. Tot die tijd vermaken wij ons wel even met Walk A Line.

Translated via Google...

Them Bruins is a band that has discovered IndieXL for you again and you will hear anywhere else. Them Bruins is a band from Melbourne, Australia with catchy Indie Rock homeland has conquered all . Them 's Bruins, as the band says 4 black dudes playing psychedelic pop ska doom metal from hell ... In 2014 the first EP appeared showing the first singles Black Widow and Outrun the future . The next single Barre Lands was in the summer of 2014 a number 1hit in Free40 and ended in the Free100 annual number 25 with this great song . The band is not resting on its laurels . We have worked hard on the first full-length album that will appear in 2015 . The first single Walk A Line bodes well . The band is working on a tour of Australia . We hope that the band quickly coming to the Netherlands for a performance. Until that time, however, we amuse ourselves with Walk A Line . -

"Syn FM Interview"

Get Cereal Monday's Bess, Ross and David have a chat to Them Bruins’ guitarist, Ben about their anticipated album release as they hype up Australia’s East Coast with a single launch tour for the preview track, Walk A Line. - Syn FM

"Outrun The Future reviews - Triple J"

Such a great song! Sounds raucous but completely together at the same time. Big, ballsy, BONANZA - Zan Rowe (Mornings presenter Triple J)

Yup. This is the good shit. Total McLusky meets ATDI vibes - Gemma Pike (Music Researcher Triple J)

Fast paced & f**king flamboyant rawwwk. Dig that Cure 'A Forest'-esque rhythm section. The very start with the whacked out vocoder reminds me of Kanye's 'Black Skinhead' intro. That's also a good thing - Linda Marigiliano (Good Nights Presenter Triple J) - Zan Rowe, Gemma Pike & Linda Marigiliano (Triple J Radio)

"God Bless Them Bruins review - 4ZZZFM Brisbane"

Them Bruins are another bright spark in the dying embers of the garage craze (although there are so many of them it is possible the stories of that demise – seeded, optimistically, by myself – have been exaggerated).

Their punchy but tuneful craziness recalls the brattiness of those shocking youth Supergrass all the way back in the mid-90s. Hmm, maybe Future Of The Left, too. In line with those 90s sounds which – you may have noticed – are clawing their way back into our ears again, Them Bruins bring a really gutsy power, just plain heaviness. It’s kinda the X-factor in their sound: all that melodicism smacked on to all that thunder, like an MX missile tipped with a tasty treat. The more I think about that analogy the less fun it sounds, but Them Bruins are the real deal. Ever since we got their first single Shock Rockets, I’ve been very keen to hear this debut EP of theirs.

Here’s the bit that’s funny. We got sent that EP a week or so ago and I enjoyed it exactly as much as I thought I would: a lot. Those guys know how to lay down an urgently infectious riff, and how! That ripping heaviness too, it’s a kind of distorted power that quite a few garage bands manage to pull off live – King Gizzard, Drunk Mums, yep – but very few seem willing or able to lay down on record. DZ Deathrays kinda do it and Them Bruins do it too. However, a couple of days later I got an urgent email from their PR folks begging us to remove all the tracks from our library – something had gone horribly wrong in the mastering / pressing / mailing / whatever and new copies were even now on their way to us. A nagging sensation started to tickle the back of my brain.

This morning I laid hands on that new version and sat down to listen to the two side by side. My suspicions were confirmed: The original (incorrect) version is much louder, which is no thang, I guess, but it also peaks much more frequently into delicious, crunchy distortion. The new one, though by no means a shy retiring violet – is just that bit better mannered than its predecessor and, that to me... it’s an opportunity missed, dang it all. Let’s be clear about this, I really like this EP, no reservations: Them Bruins bring sweet tunes and blistering heat. All I’m saying is, the more they turn up that heat, the better I like it.

- Chris Cobcroft. - Chris Cobcroft

"50 third and third interview"

As you know from reading this site, we don’t get caught up with what’s popular or not, we just write about what we like and in turn we feature amazing bands and artists. Even so it frequently mystifies me when I hear music that I feel should be heard by the masses, and the band is having trouble getting a record out.

Melbourne, Australia’s Them Bruins make that kind of music. I have no idea why these guys aren’t touring the world, playing to sold out crowds. We’ve featured their music earlier this year and the truth is I’ve been sitting on this Meet the Band for months, waiting for their debut album to be released... -


Still working on that hot first release.



Fashioned into shape in a Melbourne warehouse in late 2011 Them Bruins are the rock n roll itch that had to be scratched by Joel Griffith and Ben Woodmason. A chance meeting at Fitzroy's Polyester Records led to 6 months of drinking and jamming, and jamming and drinking, and the writing of a swag of 2 man 4 piece raucous rock n roll.

Pulling in Ben's brother Tim (drums) and his skateboarding amigo Jimmy Campbell (bass) they swiftly recorded their debut EP in July 2012. Full of turbo charged hooks and short sharp shouty sing-a-longs 'God Bless Them Bruins' was released via GAGA Digital to killer reviews. Lead single 'Black Widow' was added to rotation on Triple J radio and follow up 'Shock Rockets' was featured on JB Hi-Fi's commercial that launched their music streaming platform.

"If Peter Garrett fronted Nirvana during their In Utero years, Them Bruins would be the sweat mopped off the floorboards and left to ferment in the bucket backstage." - Melbourne gig reviewer

Embarking on several trips up and down the east coast and jumping on support slots to the likes of Calling All Cars, Children Collide, The Bellrays and Kingswood Them Bruins played "wherever anyone would have them" for the following 12 months before entering the studio to record their next offering. 'Outrun The Future' was released in September 2013 and was swiftly added to Triple J rotation, held the number 1 spot on the Amrap Airit singles chart for 4 weeks and has since had over 55,000 plays on Spotify. The band continued to take their 70's punk showmanship up and down the east coast and to stages from here to wherever.

"Yup. This is the good shit. Total McLusky meets At The Drive In vibes." - Gemma Pike, Triple J radio announcer.

The lads jumped back into that Brunswick warehouse, in the autumn of 2014, to hone in on creating a new bunch of calculated killer hooks. Aiming to use their punk rock ethos as a springboard to writing a wider variety of tunes the sessions produced a bunch of tracks that go back and forth from new found fat fuzzy vibes with emotion charged lyrics to that trademark jangly guitar sound that pairs so sweetly with a venomous scream along. Single 'Walk a Line' was released in February 2015 - receiving radio play all around Australia as well as the world. Shortly after, an EP consisting of TB's first 4 Aussie singles was released to The States drawing instant recognition.  The EP and single 'Walk a Line' both charted top 10 on the FMQB subModern album and single charts.

With an album ready to roll and several stellar offerings already unzipped, Them Bruins roll on in 2015 with 'Heading For The HARROWS' - a track with a 'MY-OH-MY' so sexy it'll get your unborn children's children groovin and a guitar hook so sweet you'd sell your sister just to hear it again. Jivers, get on board.

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