The McGuffin

The McGuffin


“Imaginative, poetic, intense songwriting performed by a rock band that sounds like a full rock orchestra. . .They sound like a great party band, but there’s also depth to the songwriting, both musically and lyrically.” -


What is The McGuffin? The answer to this mystery lies with this Richmond, VA based original rock band that has been playing in and around the River City since late 2000. This five man versatile band mixes a foundation of guitar/bass/drum songs with the added textures of keyboards and synthesizers. While playing most extensively in the Greater Richmond area, the band has also performed successful shows throughout the state as well as up and down the East Coast. The McGuffin’s sound has gained the attention of a wide audience, as evidenced by the band opening for national acts such as classic rockers Molly Hatchet and Little Feat, and by their frequent appearances on Richmond area new rock radio stations. The band’s influences cross genres within and outside of rock, but most reflect the classic sounds of The Beatles, The Doors, and The Allman Brothers Band as well as the modern styles of Beck, Pavement, and Soundgarden.

In addition to its experience performing live, The McGuffin has two full-length studio albums to its credit. The band recently released Like You, I Once Was, following up 2002’s Escape Goat. While this group is very comfortable in the creative atmosphere of the studio, they truly enjoy performing their music on the live stage. Combining a repertoire of creative, well-written rock & roll songs with an energetic stage show, there is no mystery why fans leave the shows with such a memorable experience.


Like you, I once was (LP) - March 2004
Escape Goat (LP) - November 2002
Evidence (EP) - October 2000

Set List

Our set list consists mainly of original music with a few covers thrown in depending on the nature of the venue or event.