them damn coyotes

them damn coyotes


Them Damn Coyotes are a heavy blues edged rock band.


Them Damn Coyotes have been Practicing, Writing, Jamming, Collaborating, Recording, Producing, Marketing, Promoting, and Performing our music since we were pups. Now Them Damn Coyotes are all grown up and set to howl! We live and breathe our music.



Written By: them damn coyotes

Everything is fine...only I dont seem to mind. Only bread on the table- eat, wash it down with warm blood and youll see. Gotta be strong and everything will work itself out fine. Gotta be tough and everything you do will go your way. I try; only I tried hard. Gotta be tough and everything you do will go your way. 'Gotta be sane'? Yeah- make myself seem like I ain't no freak. Gotta be tough at everything you try -gotta be strong yeah I dont seem to really fuckin' mind. Only I tried hard to tell the one that I loved she. Only I try too hard. Makin it seem like I was going to be -but only as soon as I come down from... Yeah but its the only way- to only try when I dont seem to be but....

Gravy Cakes

Written By: them damn coyotes

Back in the sticks where I was raised truckin' and fuckin' was all I'd crave. Aint pushin' ground, ain't slidin' it down... I'm cookin with gas. My phantom train'll cross burnin land- I pull the whistle with a skeleton hand. With blistered tongue I'll kiss your sister. Infectious life turnin' twisted.

And all I can say is on a day like today I'm gonna haul like a hunter on the flanks of my prey. Without a second to waste I'll keep-a-pushin' the pace reach out for my needs and leave the world in my wake. Follow the meat with the itchin' of feet. I will burn to the beat to chase the heavenly heat. With the socks full of holes the burnin of sols, the brothers, the bones, the bridges, the coal.

Miles from daylight burns us up right.

Aint got no time to breathe.

My only regret is I may sleep when I am dead and dreamin is the luxury of restin' my head.
I was born to force it when the moment's met.



Set List

Scaryface, Gravy Cakes, Ace in the Hole, Jello Tree, Moncha, Gash, Bad Bad Coyotes, Hot Thumbs, Lessons Equal Blessins