Them Damn Coyotes

Them Damn Coyotes


If Them Damn Coyotes music were a person, they'd have a blue heart with distorted skin.


Founded in rural Alberta during the late 1900's; Them Damn Coyotes maintain a sound which is unique and dynamic.


In the Basement of a Train

Written By: Chris Rhyason

Better make it quick to get your grievance heard first- no matter what you’re thinkin’- someone thinks they’ve got it worse.
And if your lessons bring your life’s biggest blessin’s then… You got the best!
N’ though I don’t know a lot, I’d say I got it good, ain’t no mistakin’ it, yeah and what I got’s a lot better than all the rest…
But you got the best.


1995 Asinine Sage EP- Cassette
1998 KI'Yoots
2005 Back With the MANGE
-bad bad coyotes (track 7) was #1 on's chart for 18 weeks and in the top ten for 35 weeks
-1st single 'In the Basement of a Train' to be released in November of '09

Set List

TDC prefers a 35-40 minute HARD hitting set
covers from time to time to keep it fun