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"Damn Coyotes Set to Howl"

Damn Coyotes set to howl

Them Damn Coyotes are about as Albertan as you get.

Four, hard-working, strapping young guys the oil industry would kill for right now.

But even the lure of free-flowing money in this province isn't enough to throw them off their creative path.

With more than a decade of playing under their belts, Them Damn Coyotes are dropping their debut disc down at Filthy McNasty's Monday night.

Back to the Mange is a reworked collection of songs that stretches back to their 1993 beginning.

"We all went to school in Drayton Valley and I met the guitar player Jody and our drummer Kevin in the first week. Jody was in the first class I attended in Drayton Valley. He got real mouthy with me and I didn't know what to think. He's a native guy that's 300 pounds," says singer 'Coyote' Chris Rhyason who works as a tattoo artist at Bear Skin Tattoos. "That was in 10th Grade and by 11th Grade we were all playing together."

So the story goes with a bunch of teenage guys armed with guitars in rural Alberta. The four of them moved in together and were roommates for five years, writing songs, touring throughout Western Canada and partying like maniacs.

"We were just getting too retarded with (the partying). It got to the point where we had to clean up, we had to dry out. There's no nice way of putting that," Rhyason says. "We went through all the hard times that you can go through as a group before you have to reassess yourself as an individual."

It was the end of 1999 and Them Damn Coyotes called it quits amidst bad feelings and infighting.

"Jody and Kirk moved out to Manitoba and went and saw a medicine man out there and Kevin the drummer walked across New Zealand and I went to Fort McMurray," says Rhyason, who was the only one who continued playing.

A few years passed and individual circumstances brought all the guys back to Edmonton, looking each other up one after another.

"When everyone was back in the same neck of the woods, we smoked a cigar and got the s--- off our chests and started playing," says Rhyason, who saved all the miscellaneous recordings Them Damn Coyotes did during its first incarnation.

The band apparently didn't have any intentions of recording an album so soon after reuniting, but they had put a few song online that got 6,000 hits in just over a month and people looking for more.

"We easily have enough stuff for another disc and the main purpose of this disc is to fund the next one," says Rhyason. - Sun Media

"Review in SEE june of 1998"


Them Damn Coyotes, with Lure
Area 51
June 6

The late '90s being a bleak, dismal, deaf era dedicated to the worship of show over sound, it's easy for self-respecting musicians to feel dejected or even depressed about painstakingly crafting authentic music that receives little attention, if not outright derision. These days, if a "musical" group or artist cannot appeal to kids, insecure teens, grandparents, censors, label execs and radio honchos, chances are they'll only appeal to underground indie stores and college DJs.

Despite these overcast cultural skies, inspiring and courageous artists continue to work at their craft, or, in some cases, forge their metal. Two of these groups - Edmonton's Lure and Calgary's Them Damn Coyotes - performed Saturday at Area 51, and it was a blast.

Them Damn Coyotes (that's "kye-oots") is relatively new, as a band. Most of the guys have been playing together for five or six years, but lead vocalist Mike Atkinson joined more recently.

Atkinson and guitarist Chris Rhyason suggested that personally, they're mostly into classic rock or, as they say, stuff with integrity that one can improvise with and add one's own talents to. This shows in their sound. Atkinson also said, "ya gotta have some cock in your rock." This sounds in their show.

This is an aurally explorative band on which the musical ground gained by Pink Floyd, Guns 'n' Roses and heavier metal is not lost. The music lulls and rushes, jumps and dives and shrieks and whispers. During the first song, I was asking a friend of the band "what the hell are those sounds?" - mysterious, trippy effects from Rhyason's guitar.

Each song is a story and these storytellers are proud of the fact that every story sounds different with each telling. Travelling from thick, crunchy riffs to mellow, spacey sounds to just enough cock to make you smile and rock, the music of Them Damn Coyotes is guaranteed to keep you on your toes.

The highlight of the night was looking up at the stage during the last song and thinking "WHERE THE HELL ARE MIKE'S PANTS?!" Indeed, they were around his ankles, dropped to proudly reveal the skimpy leopard-print briefs he had been concealing. Cock in your rock, indeed. Look for an album in stores about a month from now. - SEE magazine- Edmonton


1995 Asinine Sage EP- Cassette
1998 KI'Yoots
2005 Back With the MANGE
-bad bad coyotes (track 7) was #1 on's chart for 18 weeks and in the top ten for 35 weeks
-1st single 'In the Basement of a Train' to be released in November of '09



Founded in rural Alberta during the late 1900's; Them Damn Coyotes maintain a sound which is unique and dynamic.