Them Damn Kids

Them Damn Kids


Them Damn Kids create sparse, rich recordings, layered in appropriate texture and subtle meanderings. The songs are taken from the very soil of the american landscape, and polished in an urban setting. This is a music for drifters- a journey into parts unknown.


Chris Darby and Philip 'Rolland' Gairroes met while attending theological formation for the Roman Catholic priesthood, at a small college in rural northwestern Missouri. Upon entering their final year in the seminary, they joined musically to form the now disbanded Formation Issue. Formation Issue played one concert before its certain demise.

A year later the paths of this duo again converged in La Grange Park, IL where many songs were resurrected. Upon this foundation, the gridwork for Them Damn Kids was built. After a brief six month hiatus, the living quarters were relocated to the city of Chicago, IL in late 2003.

The band travelled as much as their jobs allowed, traversing throughout Illinois and surrounding states. In 2004 they managed to play an impressive 125 shows. The simple desire to play as much as possible and bring joy to as many as possible are the primary motivations which fuel them.

In 2005, Chris convinced three other people to join the duo and form a rythm section. They recorded an album, titled '...the day has just begun'. This album is comprised of twelve songs, and was released March 1st, 2006. Currently, the band is hard at work writing many new songs, breaking from the familiar folk feel of earlier recordings. They will debut the new sound sometime in late spring 2006. With the return of summer to this fine city, TDK hopes to see a return to the relentless touring of the past. All is well within the confines of this small universe.


2001- Formation Issue CD
2003- Without Resolution CD
2003- Our Political Album CD
2003- Leitmotif EP
2004- Before They Sold Out EP
2006-...the day has just begun CD

Set List

We play all original songs, with the exception of an occasional cover. The set list changes for every show, to fit the mood and vibe of the venue and audience. We can play very loudly, or very softly.
Typically, we are most comfortable playing a 45 min. set., but have been known to play for over three hours.