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The Middle Class

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"The Middle Class"

Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig love to The Middle Class, who rocked with us at our Washington University gig in St. Louis last night! Not only did Chuck El Moon, Blazer, and Lyruk styled on us very hard decked out as the flyest individuals we’ve seen in St. Louis this entire trip, they back it up with fresh and innovative music that gets you higher than a vocoder on helium. These cats are definitely on the come-up, so don’t sleep!!!!!!! Keep up with them on their blog, and cool out to this jawn “Broken Hearts.”

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"St. Louie’s “The Middle Class” interview."

The Middle Class is a group out of St Louis, Missiouri. They are the new generation of music working to bring something different to the table. Each of the members are unique in their own way and possess major talent. Instead of falling into the wrong crowd they decided to run the positive route and create a sound not normally heard in the Lou. They actually flew down to hang out with IM KING for a week. The Middle Class kids are defnitely down to earth and are ready to share their sound with the world.




The Life-2008
My Boo-2008
IM KING-2009

The Middle Class is Here-Summer 2009




The Middle Class consists of three members Shawn"Chuck Elmoon" Evans, Amir "Blayzeroni" Patton, and Kiara "Lyruk" Rivers. The group met while in high school, originally the three started as friends but their passion and love for music drew them together. The Middle Class displays the true meaning of music bringing various cultures together with Dance, Pop, and Hip-Hop flavor. The Middle Class has played at several venues locally and are looking to expand into different regions.

The Story-In Depth

Shawn "Chuck El’ Moon" Evans started composing music at the age of seventeen and has since been evolving into a musical genius. During Chuck's high school years he would often draw crowds of his peers to watch him display his talent. Chuck was seen more as a comedian as he would do comedy styled battle rap. He wanted to be seen as more than a comedian but yet a musician, so he set out to follow his dream. During the next couple of years, which would prove critical for Chuck’s career he was able to display his true calling for music.

Amir "Blazeroni" Patton got his start composing music at the age of seventeen; he would often leave messages on a family member's phone reciting lyrics he composed in his head. Blazer knew he wanted to do more than just leaving messages; he wanted to spread a message through his music. Blazer would often gather around when Chuck performed, with hopes that Chuck would acknowledge his presence. Blazer didn’t want to seem like a groupie or fan (even though he was) however he was nervous to approach Chuck due to the size of his following.

Kiara “Lyruk” Rivers began as an electrifying dancer around the St. Louis metro area. In 2006 she had the opportunity to dance back up for Omarion. While pursuing her dancing career Lyruk booked a gig at a local party. While dancing Chuck and Blazer noticed Lyruk’s great dancing ability. They would go on to be introduced to Lyruk through a mutual friend. Lyruk was shocked to find out that the two wanted to meet with her as she was already familiar with the two. As they became closer they realized that they shared the same love and passion for music.

The Outcome

Eventually the three would talk about starting a group, but did not pursue. After composing the song "My Band" Chuck and Blaze knew that their chemistry was undeniable, but realized there was a voice missing. The two however decided to form what is now known as The Middle Class in January 2008, and eventually would invite Lyruk to fill the missing voice. The three knew they had an exceptional amount of things in common and began composing music. The Middle Class hopes to become a household name and further more one of the best trios of all time. The Middle Class would like to thank each and every person who has supported them through their endeavors and promises not to let them down! The Middle Class would also like to remind everyone through God all things are possible.

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