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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Rane Clothing"

Straight from the heart of Atlanta, Ga comes a band called The Meaning. They are an Alternative Rock band with a very ambient sound pouring from the speakers. Their live show is a very energetic one. So if you ever find yourself with the chance to catch a show don't pass it up. They are always up for meeting fans of their music and super fn guys to talk with. They recently changed their name from "From Tomorrow" so there would be no more confusion between them and another band in the south. The Meaning's sound takes you back to a time when bands played music to inspire others and when the musicianship was prized. The band consisting of Chip (vocals/Keys) Corey (Guitar) Miles (vocals/Bass) and Ellis (Drums) has been around for over a year all while still moving forward at a strong passe. They have a new EP coming out this summer called "Where To Call Home" produced by Adriel Garcia. The Meaning is a great band to listen to so be sure to keep an eye on them.

Link: - Ranezine


"Where To Call Home" - Produced by Adriel Garcia



We are a band made up of close friends firstly... Every member is from a small town, whose confines are against the pursuit of music as a career choice. We view playing music as a privilege, and we treat it as such. Our fans are dedicated because we are dedicated to making them become our friends, spending time before and after shows with any crowd at every show. In a world of musical mediocrity we have set our minds to produce the most catchy and uplifting songs, and at the same time maintain a high standard of musicality. Playing live is the core of what we do, and we endeavor to make every show energetic and memorable. We are very much an "underdog" band, being from a small rural town in north Georgia, with no local venues or music scene to speak of, but this situation has made us determined to push out, breaking into the Atlanta music scene and beyond. We have elected this band, and our music as our path to greatness in life, leaving any other options for success behind, not out of foolishness, but out of faith in each other, and faith in what we do.

The Meaning endorses: Rane Clothing