The Mean Reds

The Mean Reds


The Mean Reds are a refreshing new band based in the metro-Detroit area that blurs the line between acoustic, pop and rock. With unique songwriting and outstanding musicianship, The Mean Reds create a very modern sound that reflects a wide variety of musical background.


The Mean Reds is a group of four musicians from the Detroit area with a sound that mixes pop, rock, and folk. With distinctly different musical backgrounds and strengths they create “A sound that’s absolutely modern… fresh, and really good,” according to Michigan radio DJ John Bommarito.
The Mean Reds have been a part of the Michigan music scene for a little over a year and have steadily grown their fan base. They have played everywhere from Dearborn to Clinton Township, and Plymouth to Port Huron. They have had the opportunity to perform at a wide range of venues and now with the release of “The Saturday Morning EP” they have entered the world of radio. They are in rotation on several stations in the area, including Ann Arbor’s 107.1, and were lucky enough to be featured in a one hour interview and in-studio performance with John Bommarito.
Cousins Kylee Phillips and Garret Schmittling have been songwriting partners for most of their lives. “I feel like we’ve gotten to a point where we know how the other works, so our songwriting has gotten pretty strong. It’s so much fun to have other musical brains to rely on, and all three of the guys are incredible musicians,” says Phillips. “The guys” also consist of drummer Jon Rounke, and bassist Ron Cox who lend their many musical talents to create the solidity of the band.
The Mean Reds are available for just about any type of performance


"The Saturday Morning EP"
Too Late - radio airplay on 107.1, 88.1 and 89.3

Set List

The Mean Reds have played shows ranging from three sets of an hour of covers to one 30 minute set of original material and everything in between. Our typical night consists two sets for an hour each, that range from about 8-10 originals to 5-7 covers. Each song is between 3-5 minutes. The Mean Reds have a very eclectic group of covers ranging from The Killers to Journey to The Four Seasons to Natasha Bedingfield.