The Means

The Means


We play rock music with a particular emphasis on melody and rhythm. We capture our audience's attention with our tight sound, energetic stage presence, and a variety of melodic hooks that often get stuck in our listener's heads.


This unlikely group of musicians come from vastly different musical backgrounds and have very different musical tastes. Influenced by these differences, their songs range from the melodic sound of their first single, "You Can Have Me", to their fast-paced songs like "Tail Lights" and "You Know Who You Are". Since January of 2012, this group has been playing shows and captivating audiences accross the Metro-Detroit area. Their debut EP "You Were Right" is due for release by the end of this year.


The Means' debut EP. "You Were Right", is due to be released by the end of 2012

Singles off of this EP include "Tail Lights" and "You Can Have Me"

"You Know Who You Are" is to be featured on "Radio Reddit's Best Of" release for August, 2012.

Set List

Tail Lights
You Can Have Me
State of Mine
"Country Song"
Not One Step Back
You Know Who You Are