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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"In-D-Exposure, 4th Edition - The Meanz"


Enjoying a Saturday night out in Toronto, I stopped by a show at Healey's that a friend had booked, and I was pleasantly surprised by a band I'd heard much about, but I'd never actually heard anything from. I'm talking about The Meanz, the local "triptronic rock" band that is starting to make some serious waves. And I "Meanz" it, they are really good!

All I really knew about this band was the name, from the posters that I've seen in almost every part of the downtown core, to the graffitied logo between Bloor and Rosedale subway stations. So I had no clue what to expect. Then they took the stage. Lead vocalist Jordyn Auld has this rich, enticing voice that immediately caught my attention. And guitarist Brett Sichello let loose some seriously great blues and funk riffs that actually made my jaw drop. The entire band is very good, and has a tight sound. And although it isn't always so, as other bands have attempted and failed, the alternative/electronic fusion really works.

Their CD was released November 30th with a party at The Horseshoe, and they're scheduled to take part in CMW 2006.

Keep an eye out for their next show, and get to it if you can. With their very intensive promo team, it'll be hard to escape the name being constantly in your face around the city.
- In-D Exposure - Melissa

""great show last night""

“Just wanted to send out a big thank you for your great show last night. Good work. Also wanted to remind you to stay in touch with me and let me know what your schedules are like so that we can get you in again at Lee's. I'm looking towards moving you to weekend slots. Where we can book you, we'd like to. In any case, certainly make mention of your past bookings at Lee's and what a good job you have done.”

“Again, thanks for a great night. Looking forward to having you back.” - Lee’s Palace - Toronto, Ontario

""9 out of 10 - this was your first show?""

“9 out of 10” “Great show you guys, hard to believe that this was your first show. A totally unique sound, great look and great songwriting. You guys are going to be a band to oontend with.” - Karen Bliss - Music Journalist Rolling Stone / jam! music

""it's good...but...""

“While I think its good. I would have no idea how to go about promoting’s rare to have a band that I can’t stick into a genre within the first five minutes of playing." - Mike Fox - EMI Music


"Wow... Totally NOT what I expected. It really like it." - Debra Goldblatt - Rock-it Promotions


I Wonder EP - Release November 2005 - Triptronic Records

Includes I Wonder, Law of the Lessor, Not the Only One and Take What you Want

To No End - Full Length Album - March 2006 - 12 Tracks

Streaming at
I Wonder, Stupid Again, Law of the Lessor and Take What you Want

Radio Airplay - 88.1 FM CKLN Toronto October 26th Interview and EP debut at 2:00PM


Feeling a bit camera shy


The Meanz music records the real life experiences seen through the eyes of singers/songwriters
Jordyn Auld and Grant Thomas. These songs are incredibly personal documenting their encounters
with Life, Death, Abuse, Depression, Addiction, Politics and Hope.

Founded in April of 2002, GT started collaborating with Jordyn on some new electronic tracks after the break up of his old band. The chemistry that the songwriters share is the glue that kept this project alive through some of the hardest times they experienced together.

Jordyn as a songwriter brings a vulnerable honesty to the lyrics and her voice adds a warm, soulful presence to the music. Her creative influences and passionate writings have truly shaped the electronic tracks that GT was producing.

In late 2003, Jordyn and Grant finally started auditioning for live band members. They wanted to take these songs beyond a studio experience, and form a band that could connect with audiences directly.

First to shine was Eric Morino on drums. Eric was an amazing find. Born and raised in Quebec, he came to Toronto to find his future in music. He has been able to bring some truly mind-blowing percussion to the material. Auditioning with just a bass amp & drum pads attached with 2x4's, Eric instantly gelled with The Meanz approach to garage Drum n Bass.

Next to arrive via Saskatchewan was Brett Sichello on Lead Guitar. Brett is what you might call the icing on the cake. Rooted in rock and trained in Funk, Jazz, and Classical Sitar he has an incredibly talented ear, with epic riffs driving the momentum of each song into any direction. To say he is versatile is an understatement as he always manages to bring in the exotic.

The final link to the equation was Marco "Bass Dog" Yevenes. Born in Chile, Marco lays down some extremely fat bass. When you see the big man live, you will understand where the "mean" in Meanz comes from.