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The Media Whores

Falkirk, Scotland, United Kingdom | SELF

Falkirk, Scotland, United Kingdom | SELF
Band Alternative Punk


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"Phoenix mayhem gig review"

The Media Whores
yet another fantastic set from the Media Whores.
They initially pulled me in when I seen them supporting Spear of Destiny.
It was at that gig that I picked up a a copy of their début 'Starfishing' and since then it seems to keep gravitating to my stereo.
It's what we in Scotland would call a 'belter' of a release, and the band can play the shit out of it live to.
For some strange reason though the majority of an already sparse crowd decided to grab some fresh air, or nicotine, and buggered off when they came on.
It was a what the fuck moment as like everyone else I think the people should like what I like.
That they should appreciate what I hear in a band and concur that they are indeed bloody great.
How the hell anyone would want to wander off and miss these guys is a mystery to me.
While I had enjoyed all the band who had already played to various degrees I would have to say that I would have rather missed one of them than The Media Whores.
I've got to ask.
What's not to like.
It's sort of a full package deal.
They can all play to a very high standard, they have well written original songs and in their front man they have someone that can drive it all home.
Everything is there.
Maybe they're considered not punk enough by a certain type who think that everything starts and ends with a mohican and a studded leather jacket.
Bollocks to that though.
Just because a band can write well crafted melodic songs and play them well doesn't mean that they're not a punk band.
The Media Whores prove that every time the step onto a stage.
I'd personally highly recommend them to anyone who has a record collection that spans the Jam to Wire.
There's a bit of everything in what they do and it all fits together pretty much seamlessly.
There set was definitely one of the highlights of my night.
- Mainy

"The Media Whores - Starfishing album review"

by Declan McGeachey

Line Up //
Craig Anderson // Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Doogie Mackie // Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals, Joe Jaconelli // Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals, Jimbo McKellar // Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals.

Whilst reading the list of assignments that were going I noticed the name "The Media Whores" and was brought back about a year to a night out at one of my local pubs. I didn't have a clue who they were or what kind of music they were going to be playing, I was just looking forward to chilling with a beer and friends and having some live music playing.

Watching them get set up I was just thinking that it was going to be a night of some of the old classics but what I got from them was something else entirely. They started with a few covers but then they started playing their own material and it just flipped the game upside down and inside out! Bursting with spectacular rhythms and an astounding performance from the lead guitarist (He played the guitar with a drum stick for crying out loud!) the band themselves have a unique sound and feel to them that that is easily distinguishable from most modern bands these days.

The band have recently released their debut album "Starfishing," a 10 track album that is varied and yet so easy to lose yourself in if your not too careful!

With fantastic lyrics and vocal work the album beyond catchy and will have you wondering about singing to yourself without noticing whilst headbanging away to the funky riffs and solos or even just getting your groove on with the bass lines it's an album that will have you rocking out.

From listening to it I was a bit stunned to see one of the tracks was titled "The Govan Princess" as I've been to Govan a few times (Not something I tend to admit and I don't mean that to offend anyone.) The lyrics that accompany the song however were not expected at all and for that reason I wont be going on to tell you about them.

As the old saying goes "The only way is up," and this is entirely true with The Media Whores. With an exceptional debut album that the band should be super proud of, that any self respecting rock lover would be foolish to overlook. I expect some great things from the next album when the band gets round to recording it. I wont go and tell you when that's going to happen though, I recommend you follow the band for more details on that.

Starfishing is available now in Lovemusic, Mono, Pivo Pivo In Glasgow. Avalanche in Edinburgh and Europa in Stirling.

The band is also taking part in 'The Big Stooshie' charity music festival which should prove to be a great festival considering the line-up this far. I'd highly recommend it if your looking for a new band or have just been following the bands gigs. Also if you ever get a chance to see them perform jump at the opportunity and grab it with both hands and then some! You wont be disappointed.
- Flicker Magazine

"The Media Whores - Starfishing"

With a name that doubles as a fitting indictment of popular society, the Media Whores have already earned one gold star. Or carrot, in this case. “Starfishing” is the maiden release from this Scottish quintet. No mincing of words on this release, that’s for sure. On this evidence, a less-than-healthy dosage of loud guitars, angry words and an apparent agenda will separate this act from the merely decent. Turn it up!

The title tracks begins in menacing fashion, with Doogie Mackie’s bass threatening to invoke the butterfly effect, so it’s only fitting that said bass should lead us into “That Awkward Question”. Although slowing the pace slightly, Craig Anderson’s vocals dominate this edgy-punk effort. An early observation? These guys are not going to fit with stereotypes. A band of this ilk simply don’t need to.

It’s not all political, though. No conscious Scotsman will be oblivious to the humour of “The Govan Princess” or “The Girl From Alldays”. The former is an unexpected – indeed, tongue-in-cheek – ode to the “lovely” girls from Southwest Glasgow. Not dissimilar, musically, the latter is a love song for the cute lassie who sells you groceries. Perhaps the Media Whores will prompt a tourism boost for Scotland on the basis of these patriotic songs? Maybe not, but we can hope.

“Sayonara (Blow Chernobyl)” is perhaps the most interesting track on the album, fully emphasising the political side to their appeal without compromising the musical ideals while “Born Again Fool” wastes no time in reeling in the listener with a jagged guitar lick. “Indiscretion” ends the album in suitably sinister fashion, leaving the listener wanting more but secretly fearing the apocalypse.
What the Media Whores have in “Starfishing” is what many bands have attempted to do and failed. It is, after all, an album of fine music that captures their sound with no make-up or pretensions. Punk’s not dead, it just smells different. Recommended for the independent of mind.

Review by: Peter McGee
- Bluesbunny


'Starfishing' - 10 original tracks album 2011



Playing since August 2008, The Media Whores are bursting with hooks, riffs, melodies and along with a thumping beat they aim to get your attention. With bookings at Whistlebinkies in Edinburgh, BOX and Slouch in Glasgow, The Media Whores are looking forward to promoting their debut album Starfishing, which has now been released and stocked in Lovemusic, Mono and Pivo Pivo in Glasgow, Avalanche in Edinburgh and Europa in Stirling.

The Media Whores are available for bookings whether being support or in their own right as a headline act. We are confirmed for the main stage Friday 4th May 2012 at the Big Stooshie festival in Scotland and have previously supported punk legends 999, Penetration and Spear of Destiny, and played at the 3rd Fife custom bike show. Recent gigs have included the mayhem punk festival at Ivory Blacks, Glasgow, and the Scribblers Picnic in Stirling and support to original Stiff Little Fingers guitarist Henry Cluney and Dr Feelgood.
We recently played in King Tuts, for the annual Strummerville event.
The Media Whores were also the recent featured band on & featured on a live on air session on East Coast FM.

Craig Anderson – Lead Vocals & the Rhythm Guitar.
Joe Jaconelli – The Drums / Percussion & Backing Vocals.
Doogie Mackie – The Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals.
Jimbo Mackellar ¬– The Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals.