The Medicine

The Medicine


The Medicine - A slick mixture of Blues, Funk, Reggae and Stomping Rock'n'Roll!

Other Info

Cover band: 
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Find The Cure EP:
Played on I-Channel Radio in the USA
Set for release on Turmic Records

The Medicine LP:
Set to be played on I-Channel
Set for release on Turmic Records

Set List

1. Find The Cure *-
2. Under Your Spell *
3. Passing Me By *-
4. All My Days
5. When I Fall
6. Freedom For All Mankind *
7. Pick Up The Pieces *
8. Life Full Of Holes *
9. Its Alright *-
10. Ill never Get Away From You *
11. Forever Fooling Me *
12. Sail Me Home *-
13. Open Your Heat *-

All Original.

*Off LP
- Off EP