The Medicine Men

The Medicine Men


The Medicine Men are a small but high energy rock outfit. They have been compared to artists as varied as Hendrix and Beck. They seamlessly blend and defy genres, to create a unique sound and memorable performance.


The Medicine Men were formed in early 2007 in a garage located in southeast Kansas. All of the members are disciplined in a wide range of music, lending to the flexibility of the sound as a whole. The Medicine Men create danceable rock music with strong influences in blues and contemporary alternative music. The Medicine Men have spent the last year and half playing shows around kansas and have built a firm following due to their high-energy live show. The Medicine Men are currently working on more recording and writing and expanding their, already growing, fanbase across the globe.

Alex Sheppard is known in his native Kansas for his artful guitar-playing in the disciplines of jazz and rock. He has been featured playing bass for the soundtrack to the PBS documentary Brown vs. The Board of Education. He has toured with the musician Lem Sheppard across the United States, from the west to the east coast.

Megan McCoy is a classically-trained cellist, violinist, and bassist. She is a member of the Kansas Symphony and is also the bassist in a multitude of jazz ensembles. McCoy has played music professionally since the age of eleven. She has been featured playing fiddle on the soundtrack to the short film 'Spoils of War'.

Josh Johnson is a classically-trained pianist, starting his musical career at the age of seven. He is a multi-instrumentalist, having played guitar, trumpet and piano in groups ranging from big band jazz ensembles to the ambient rock group Circadian Groove.

Cooper Neil is also a multi-instrumentalist. He plays everything from the trombone to the lute. He is also the former lead guitar player and singer of the classic rock ensemble 'Keep the Change.'


2007 The Medicine Men EP

Set List

Don't Look Back
Hotel Hoedown
Wanna War
Black Stone
Brian's Song
I Don't Know
Do It
Beeline (to Hell)

The Medicine Men have shows that range from 30 minutes to 2 hours. All shows consist solely of original material.