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The Medicine Show


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"The Mad Hatters Tea Party -The Globe 29th Mar"

The Medicine Show peddle Australia’s most potent magic potion! - Peddling an elixir to transform even the stubbornest of bastards!

These cats really know how to skin a weak man and serve up a broth of blues, stomp and soul to heal 'em.
Grinding out songs from deep down The Medicine Show are like shamans conjuring up spirits of the Earth, making the room jump in a frenzy of raw blues and naked soul.

Dirty ‘n’ stinkin’, rotten ‘n’ friggin’ awesome!

There is no party until The Medicine Show turn up their valves, splinter their sticks and rip out through their chords. The vocals rip n rasp like a steam train running late for a prom on heat.

The Medicine Show have integrity and honesty, fuelled with a passion to deliver real music to the people. They are worth every penny that can be scraped together and this rare breed of raw talent is in fact bloody priceless – more valuable than mere dirty dollars of the common hoon. Their reputation for standing for the battler and the underdog will put them in the ranks of folklore within a generation.
Thank goodness Harry and the lads are keeping it real!
- Odyssey Productions


Live Tonic - 2007
Dig Deep - 2008



THE MEDICINE SHOW have been known to conjure images of the hottest, wettest, most nasty swamp you've ever even heard tell about. Crocs & snakes that'll crawl right up your leg, and skeeters big enough to strip the living flesh from a grown man's arm. A tar paper shack with a boiled ham hanging in a sack, in the shade of the willow tree. Fear, aching, love and pain, running from the cops 'cos you just know they's gonna put you in jail again.

Band Members
Harry Gilbeys (guitar, vox)
Burning Log Dawkins (bass)
"Sponge" Bob Sponnge (tub thumping)

It's not about the individuals it's about the music. Harry's the principal songwriter and arranger. One of the great front men. ìSponge" Bob is the finest, most innovative of drummers, with more chops than the Tancred Meat Works. Burning "Log" Dawkins is a bass fondler supreme. We could write lots of self-serving copy here, the truth though is in the music. Just bloody listen to it and hear the magic for yourselves.

The band's unique style originated through a melting pot of influences from Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds,Tom Waits, John Lee Hooker and many other great artists, who when brewed together give you the jambalaya of swampy tones that can only be described as The Medicine Show. The imagery of their songs is enough to inspire the thoughts of the screech a winch makes when rust has taken hold, sledgehammers on a rail, prison death songs or that feeling you get in your belly when you've drunk too much whiskey and eaten not enough food.

With a large catalogue of original and rewritten traditional songs, The Medicine Show can play to almost any mood and occasion.

The Medicine Show is touring Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, New South Wales and the ACT over the coming year and a half.

Thanks for having us in your state

ìThe Medicine Show peddle Australiaís most potent magic potion! - Peddling an elixir to transform even the stubbornest of bastards!î
- Odyssey Productions

ìTotally live and totally authenticî
- Arthur Terrace E-zine

ìTheir music has the space to bounce and shimmy around. Move yourself forward toward the stage. Have a lesson in soulful sounds.î
- 102.1 4ZzZ FM