An acoustic Afro-Canadian World Music Fusion combining the roots and Afro-pop mastery of Kinobe with the deep compositional and soaring guitar virtuosity of Michael Waters. Launched through their Canadian tour and debut recording in March 2008, they create a unique and powerful acoustic experience.


The Music:
Kinobe has developed his approach based on traditional styles from all of Africa, with a focus on the Kora, the Kalimba, percussion and a soulful voice. Michael’s guitar work draws on classical, jazz, psychedelic and spiritual sources. He is a fingerstylist, making extensive use of open tunings.

The synthesis of rhythms, melodies and emotional directions from their mutual histories creates an amazing ambiance that is both personal and far reaching; at all times reflecting the original source of their inspiration, the power and beauty of Nature.

Both Kinobe and Michael have reached high levels of instrumental virtuosity, and Kinobe has developed a deeply soulful vocal artistry. Their music is presented with the clarity and complexity of classical performance, yet conveys the intimacy and broad energy of world music.

The Musicians:
Kinobe was raised in Uganda, and has been a traveling performer since the age of nine. By the time he was 21 he had travelled to every African country, visiting and learning from musicians from both urban and remote communities. At the age of nine he began touring and performing in Europe, first with his school, then independently. He has visited and studied with the family of Toumani Diabate, played with Ali Farka Toure and performed with Youssou Ndour and Anjelique Kidjo. In 2007 he toured 18 countries with his band Soul Beat Africa, and his music has been used in the recent movie “The Last King of Scotland.” Kinobe’s instrument of choice, the Kora, is a traditional 21-stringed African harp. Kinobe's website is

Michael was raised in the remote forests of British Columbia, Canada. For 35 years he chose to play the guitar as a spiritual practice, with no intention of playing professionally. In 2004 his encounter with the indigenous medicine ceremonies of the Amazon triggered a 16 month wave of virtuoso composition and in 2005 he began performing publicly. He has recorded this body of compositions in a two CD set called The Medicine Path, and has developed a new fusion of styles that is being referred to as Acoustic Psychedelic Chill.

He has performed in Canada, Uganda, The United Arab Emirates and France. Michael has played the same acoustic guitar for 35 years. The harmonics and overtones this instrument can now produce, after so many years of resonance, are astounding. Michael's website is

The Performance:
The Medicine Wind performs on both small theatre and large stage settings, offering either two 45 minute sets or one 30 to 60 minute session. Their theatre sessions include a short component describing the instruments Kinobe performs with and their cultural context and history.


CD 2008 The Medicine Wind

CD 2007 Soul Language

Michael Waters
CD 2008 Spirit & Space, Guitar & Cello
CD 2006 CD Lost in Tierra del Fuego
CD 2005 Famous in Mongolia

Set List

Theatre: two 45 minute sets
Large Stage: one 45 minute to one hour set

Theatre Set 1
Earthgate (Michael Waters solo)
Dungu (Kinobe solo)
Atahualpa Yupanqui
Lake of Sand
Mushroom Clan

Theatre set 2
Big Dave
(Instrument and cultural context pesentation)
Encore: Dissolve Prestigious/Lagoon Waltz