The Medium

The Medium

 Marlton, New Jersey, USA

The Medium writes songs about the things you are going through.


Webster's defines a medium as "an instrument by which something is conveyed or accomplished." In regards to The Medium this "something" is the struggle for self awareness conveyed through smartly crafted American rock and roll.

With The Roaring Twenties, The Medium delves into the craziness that is the twenty-something’s lifestyle; Selfishness, responsibility, relationships, learning about and establishing oneself, and facing the pressures of growing up.

The album’s tale is navigated by a familiar voice, and takes the listener through situations of confidence, question, and consequence. Wrapped in hauntingly attractive melody and driving groove, The Roaring Twenties will remind you of the place you were last night, the way you feel today, and the dreams you have for tomorrow.


The Roaring Twenties - 2009
Teetering on the Edge - 2006