The Meenies

The Meenies


We play Rock n Roll. And we rock like a bunch of motherfuckers.


We met by accident, formed a rock band and started kicking ass. We had an album out on an independent label a couple of years ago and toured it around Europe which was amazing fun. We like to rocking out and the sound of the electric guitar.


Album - Kill Baby Kill
Singles - All I want for Christmas is a Stephen Hawking voice box
Singles - Short Sharp Shower
Various comps - Boot wearing carpet munching sister fisters are go!

Set List

15 songs... 30 minutes. Mostly our own creations. One or two covers can be thrown in by bands like the Marked Men or The Ripoffs. Maybe something like this:

1- I find you irritating
2- Screw loose
3- Ditch
4- Girls on TV
5- Bad Guy
6- Scared Stiff
7- Kill the disco kids
8- My girl
9- Big Time Baby
10- Number 1
11- Bitch
12- Boot wearing carpet munching sister fisters are go.
13- Jenny, Penny, Mandy
14- We are so irresponsible
15- The ballad of Indiana Joe AKA Boob Rock.