The Meeting Places

The Meeting Places


The Meeting Places are a progressive and modern sounding band who's approach unifies the greatest moments of My Bloody Valentine's noise-pop and Yo La Tengo's diverse songwriting. We create a wide array of sounds, rhythms, and emotions that are always accessibile, mesmerizing and catchy.


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1. "Find Yourself Along The Way" LP (Words-on-Music, 2003)
2. "A Houseguest's Wish" (A Tribute to WIRE) (Words-On-Music, 2005)
3. CLUB AC30-Volume 3 (Split CD with Guitaro & Televise)
4."Numbered Days" LP (Words-on-Music, 2006) release date 10-03-2006

Set List

Our typical set is 35 minutes, about 7 songs.
We play several unreleased "new songs" from our forthcoming album and one or two "oldies" from our first full-length. No covers.

Set List:
'Love Like The Movies'
'Hall Of Fame'
'Until It's Gone'
'Nothing's the Same'
'On Our Own'
'Cardboard Robot'