the melinda kingsley band

the melinda kingsley band

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA

The Melinda Kingsley band is an eclectic rock band with a southern drawl, citing influences from various genre's, from rockabilly to americana. MKB is comprised of Melinda Kingsley on vocals and guitar, Becca Mashburn on drums, Grace Buford on keyboard/guitar/backing, & katie bitner on bass.


The Melinda Kingsley band is a rock band with a southern drawl, comprised of Melinda Kingsley on vocals and guitar, Becca Mashburn on drums and percussion, Grace Buford on keyboard/guitar/backing vocals and Katie Bitner on bass. MKB's murky ballads and southern-influenced rock showcase their song stories in a subliminally accessible, yet easily swallowed musical form. The Melinda Kingsley band will pull you in and keep you with their sound - sparse, but powerful like an undertow.

Melinda Kingsley grew up in the foothills of Appalachia. She was raised with Irish ballads as her lullabies and backwoods gospel as her first solos. In her teenage years, she started singing her own songs, playing at coffee houses and bars across Tennessee and Georgia. In 2004, she was joined by bassist Katie Bitner, the grounding force for the band; Melinda describes Katie as her right hand. The drummer, Becca Mashburn, received degrees in percussion performance and music education and has played in everything from symphonies to funk bands. The newest member of MKB, Grace Buford, brings the musical sensibility of a seasoned songwriter and performer. Grace is a renaissance musician of sorts, playing guitar, singing, and/or adding keyboard to many of the original songs.

Melinda Kingsley's solo CD, "Following Stars", harbors gems such as "Connie Row", "Breathe", and "How Much". "Connie Row" a song written about Melinda's mother, was featured as one of the top 5 requested songs on "women of substance" internet radio station, in 2008. Songs from the solo album, which are still in the band's rotation of songs, were recorded at "sound and fury" recording studio by career musician/audio engineer, DeDe Vogt. Vogt plays a supporting role on "Following Stars" with various and sundry instruments. Linda Boley also joins the project on drums.

The Melinda Kingsley Band is currently recording a new CD, produced by Grammy award winner Don McCollister, which will be finished in 2008. A two song demo from the upcoming album is available through the band website and feature the songs "cottonmouth" and "echo". In 2008, the song "cottonmouth", was entered in a contest sponsored by Ourstage to play the Bonaroo music festival and beat out over 4000 other bands to place in the top five.

The Melinda Kingsley Band plays a variety of venues in atlanta and surrounding areas such as Redlight Cafe, Java Monkey, Birdi's, Eddie's Attic, The Kingfisher Cafe, Paris, Kavarna, The All Star Bar, Bj's, East Point Corner Tavern, Crimson Moon, Sapphire Theater, Stage Door, Inman Perk, The Mambo Room, Smith's Old Bar, My Sisters Room, and have appeared at various area festivals, including The Decatur Arts Festival, The Avondale Fall Festival, Little Five Points Halloween Festival, Inman Park Arts Festival, Decatur Arts Festival, Swiftwaters Music In The Mountains, and Pine Lake Octoberfest.



Written By: melinda kingsley

bare feet and rusty nails
trailors and shotgun shacks
dead dog a broken back
these are the secrets that we tell
backwoods bastard
bitterness about the mouth
something savage way down south
speaking tongues and cottonmouth

something moving in the water....

brung up brutal
jaw set like a trap
scars draw maps
between the living and the dead
the devil beats our wives
the prison takes our kin
the poison comes from inside out
speak in tongues and cottonmouth

there's something moving in the water....

connie row

Written By: melinda kingsley

i'm connie row i love wisconsin
i loved my daddy i miss my mom
i'm connie row
i left a husband i lost a daughter
but i had 3 more

it seems like everywhere you go
it's the same old line
doing something different
than you did the time before
i've got a secret heart
it beats me up a lot
i know
i'm connie row

i'm connie row
i left virginia for pennsylvania
i got a job
i hit the roof, i hit the bottle
you never know where hope will find you and i found my way
back home

it seems like everywhere you go
a little love will find you
doing something different
than you did the time before
i've got a secret heart
it shines like the northern star
i know
i'm connie row


"following stars" (2004)

you can watch us playing some of our newer material live on our myspace page. just click the link for our homepage below!

Set List

the melinda kingsley band (mkb) performs mostly original material. we do mix some covers in from a rotating list.

1)zombie- the cranberries
2)bad moon risin'- ccr
3)you shook me all night long- ac/dc
4)karma police- radiohead
5)joey- concrete blonde