The Melroys

The Melroys


The Melroys deliver a show that is both fun and musically intensive. They blend the best eliments of Country, British 60's Pop and good old American Rock and Roll to form a tight, no holds barred trip through musical history.


The MELROYS came to life in 1999 with roots running deep in the fertile ground and muddy water between Chuck Berry's St. Louis and Elvis' Memphis.

Randy Leiner (songwriter/guitars/vocals), Gregg Hopkins (Bass/vocals), and Mike Enderle (drums) had been friends since school days when the British Invasion led them to pick an instrument and take the stage. "We always admired each other's bands," says Hopkins, as they played every Teen Town, street dance, county fair, prom, battle of the bands, and, eventually, bars in the Southeast Missouri/Southern Illinois area.
Enderle and Hopkins teamed up in 1979 to form the rhythm section that, today, anchors The MELROYS. With Randy Leiner, the band secured that elusive ingredient -- original songs.

In 2004, Jordan Leiner was welcomed to The MELROYS. A younger, but skilled guitarist, vocalist, and fledgling songwriter, Jordan kicks up the energy level a notch or three.

The band's sound reflects their influences of music from the past half century with strong emphasis on vocal harmony, guitars that jangle and twang, and a beat that'll make you want to stomp your feet.

Booking Information:

Musinet-The Music Network
Philippe Giguere

Label Information :

95 North Records
Bill Hurley- VP Promotion/Artist Development

P.O.Box 10070
Swamzey N.H 03446


The Melroys, The Melroys (95North)
24 Weeks currently on the AMA (Americana Music Association) chart TOP 40 highest position #14. 4 weeks in top 15. Roots Music Report 'Roots Rock' Chart highest position #2. Airplay in over 50 US Markets.

Set List

1. I don't care (what they say)
2. Where the good ones go
3. Who'd a thought you'd be the one to go
4. I can't forget
5. Top of my world
6. The hideaway
7. Where the highway meets the sky
8. Not that kind of guy
9. You won't even know I'm gone
10. Laverne
11. When I get over you
12. Lover please (Billy Swann)
13. Handle With Care( Travelling Wilburys)
14. Get Rhythm (J. Cash)
15. Rain (The Beatles)
16. Nadine (C.Berry)
17. Bring Back My Cadillac
18. Not Enough
19. Can't Slow Down
20. Wreckin' Ball